Are the professional athletes overpaid

Rio Ferdinand criticizes high salaries: "We are overpaid compared to soldiers"

Manchester.On a financial level, Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand is world class: the 34-year-old made it to tenth place in the Goal Rich List. In an exclusive interview with Goal.comNevertheless, the defender condemned the high salaries in professional sport.

“Are we overpaid compared to people in the public sector? Compared to soldiers serving our country? Definitely, ”said Ferdinand critically, but noted:“ We don't get as much money as athletes from other sports - golfers, tennis players, basketball players and baseball stars earn a ridiculous amount of money compared to us.

All-rounder Ferdinand: professional footballer, designer, restaurant operator

With an annual salary of around eight million euros, Ferdinand is one of the big earners among footballers. The 34-year-old is also successful off the pitch: “I've always been interested in business. Football has always been and always will be the most important thing for me. But to distract myself, I sometimes take care of business. I have my magazine, # 5 Magazine, my restaurant and of course my own fashion brand that is just coming out and doing really well. "

"You have to learn from mistakes"

In his youth, however, things looked less rosy, the defender admitted: “When I was younger, I got carelessly involved with some financial professionals. But I think you have to learn from it; the sooner the better, ”reported Ferdinand. Now the 34-year-old still has a consultant, but he also takes care of his finances himself: “You have to invest time and interest yourself. When my advisor talks to me about tax matters or possible investments, I like to take a close look myself and know what it is about before I act. "

"A chance in life"

“Investments” also benefit aid organizations. “I think it is necessary to give something back. 90 percent of footballers donate money to charity, either for their own organizations or through the clubs, ”explained Ferdinand.

The 34-year-old grew up in a poor neighborhood in London. His own organization, the "Rio Ferdinand Foundation", therefore takes care of children who live under similar conditions: "Several thousand children have completed the courses that we offer to give them a chance in life."

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