What programming language did Elon Musk know

Elon Musk is said to have invented Bitcoin

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented Bitcoin about ten years ago and abandoned coins worth the equivalent of eight billion dollars? For years, users have been puzzling over the programmer's identity. Internet detectives are trying to collect various clues to reveal the face behind Bitcoin. The magazine "Newsweek" presented three years ago about a 64-year-old American whose real name was Satoshi Nakamoto and who had developed financial software. However, he vehemently denied having invented Bitcoin.

PayPal co-founded

Now a former Space X employee is causing a stir with a new theory: He claims that Space X and Tesla boss Elon Musk is behind Bitcoin. As evidence, he cites that Musk has an excellent knowledge of financial transactions and the C ++ programming language. In fact, with PayPal, Musk helped develop one of the most important payment services on the Internet. In addition, the Tesla boss regularly tries to turn certain areas upside down, such as transportation (Hyperloop, Tesla) and space travel (Space X).

Bitcoins worth eight billion dollars

In 2014, Musk himself fueled speculation about his connection to Bitcoin with a tweet.

One of the big question marks behind Nakamoto's identity is why he doesn't use or convert $ 8 billion worth of bitcoins. If there was already a billionaire behind Bitcoin, this puzzle would at least be less pressing.

However, evidence of Musk's involvement in Bitcoin remains scarce. So the contribution of the former Space-X employee is only speculation. Musk wrote on Twitter that the allegations made there were "not true" - years ago a friend only sent him parts of a bitcoin, which he had lost. (red, 11/28/2017)