Doctors use medical assistants

Training as a medical assistant

Regardless of whether you are interested in training to become a medical assistant or a medical assistant: The requirements for you have not changed fundamentally in the meantime. You should have already achieved good grades in the subjects of biology and chemistry at school, as you will also have to take responsibility for the medical care of a patient in your later job and work experience in laboratory-like environments is an advantage in this job. Since you are also responsible for accounting of all kinds and all forms of correspondence, you shouldn't be at war with math and use perfect spelling. In addition, as in any job: The computer will be one of your daily tools, so you should be able to use it.

In your training to become a medical assistant, you will learn from day one how to properly deal with a wide variety of patient traits. You will be taught how to maintain patient data, keep examination rooms sterile, treat wounds and of course the necessary "paperwork", such as writing an invoice or filling out a prescription correctly.

After completing your vocational training, you have the chance to work in any area of ​​health care. Most of all, you will probably apply to hospitals or doctors' offices. In order to improve your chances on the competitive job market, there are of course still a few options open to you for further training. So you can either specialize in a field such as hygiene measures, accounting or medical assistance, or have your apprenticeship recognized as a possible waiting semester for a later study of medicine.

You should become a medical assistant if ...
  1. you have a friendly demeanor and cannot be disturbed by anything.
  2. your friends would consider you well organized.
  3. you are helpful and wanted to provide medical care to all your friends and relatives even as a child.
Under no circumstances should you become a medical assistant if ...
  1. you can't see blood
  2. you cannot stay calm in stressful situations.
  3. you can't hide hard fates so easily.
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