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Australian Taxes: A Handy Introduction

Welcome to Australia folks!

The last thing you probably think about is your taxes, but there is a good reason to be knowledgeable about them. Just a word on this - TAX REFUND

This prospectus has all the basics you need to know about Australian taxes and how to get them back. We have put together all the questions that we, the new arrivals, are asked the most.

However, if you have any further questions that are not included here, feel free to drop by one of our offices or just give us a call on the Australian toll free number.


The average Australian tax refund is around A $ 2,600


Do I have to file a tax return?

Yes. Australian tax law requires all non-residents who receive any income in Australia to file a tax return - even if you only work there temporarily. Australian citizens and residents (residents) earning above the $ 18,200 exempt threshold are also required to file a tax return.

How do I know if I am considered a resident or non-resident for tax purposes?

The main requirement to be considered a resident for tax purposes is that you have resided in Australia continuously for 183 days (6 months). There are other factors that need to be considered, but the rule of 183 days is the main requirement. When you submit your tax return, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your residence, the reason for this is to prove that you have received the correct tax residence designation.

For the reasons above, we advise all Working Holiday folks to consider themselves non-resident for tax purposes for all jobs, at least for the first six months in Australia, to avoid any problems when filing your tax return / refund .

What happens if you don't file a tax return?

If you fail to file a tax return, you are putting yourself at risk of receiving fines and / or other penalties. But don't panic, filing a tax return is done quickly, especially if you hire us to do it for you.

Aside from avoiding penalties, why should I file a tax return?

We come back to the one word - TAX REFUND! When we file your Australian tax return, we can also check that you are eligible for a refund. 80% of our customers who have paid too much tax receive a tax refund. The average Australian tax refund is $ 2,600. Does it make sense now?

How can I claim my taxes back?

You can either call us, stop by one of our many offices, or claim your taxes using our website.

Which documents do I need for this?

The more information you can give us, the better. We recommend the following:

  • Payment documents such as pay slips (your most recent pay slip from each job is the most important, so it is very important to keep it safe)
  • Any proof of address from your address in Australia including your bank statements, tax number information, rental agreement, gym membership, telephone or energy bill
  • Receipts of work-related costs e.g. from work clothes, work courses, tools / equipment or cars / transport

I plan to work for myself. What do I have to provide?

If you do decide to work for yourself, make sure you keep ALL of your invoices and make sure that all of these have been settled in relation to your work.

When can I request my tax refund?

You can apply for this at the end of the tax year or when you should leave the country. The Australian tax year runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.

What is a superannuation / super fund?

If you earn more than $ 450 a week in Australia, your employer is required by law to fund a pension for you. This should pay 9.5% of your income (in addition to your salary) into an appointed pension fund. Many employers have a predetermined pension fund into which they will pay, but we recommend that you only use ONE pension fund.

All you have to do is simply give each employer the name of your pension fund and your membership number, so they can continue to deposit into the same fund. This means you can request your refund from just one provider instead of trying to find all the different registers. (Believe us, otherwise it can get very confusing)

Can I claim back my pension fund contributions?

Yes. However, you can only claim back your pension fund contributions if you leave Australia or your visa has expired.

What do i have to do?

The most important thing you need to do is make sure you provide us with your current contact number so we can remind you when it is time to claim your tax refund. Just send your full name, date of birth, phone number and arrival / departure dates to [email protected] That way, we can incorporate your dates into our calendar for both your tax refund and your pension refund.

How does the tax refund service work?

We try to keep things as simple as possible. Our service works as follows:

  1. You fill out a short form
  2. We'll provide you with a free refund assessment
  3. We process your tax return and submit it to the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  4. You will get your refund back and you can spend that money!