Can a hacker hack social media?

How hackers crack social network profiles

Social networks have become routine for many. They fit in with our daily routine by making coffee and brushing our teeth. Many people spend a lot of time with Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace and FacebookFacebook - during their working hours on the employer's computer. Everything about Facebook on

At this year's Washington security conference ShmooCon 2009, two security researchers demonstrated why this is bad for many reasons. Your presentation "Fail 2.0: Further Musings on Attacking Social Networks" makes it clear: The pages are often designed in such a way that attackers have an easy time of it. Images, text, music and other content can be uploaded and exchanged without much effort. Our American sister publication CSO reported on the presentation by the two experts.

"The principle of social networks is: Attract as many users as possible to your platform. If attackers mess with such popular sites, the ROIROI is high," says researcher Moyer. Everything about ROI on

With simple tricks, attackers can, so to speak, kidnap a person's account on a social network and use it for their own purposes. You can use it to carry out attacks on other user sites. It has also happened before that social networks have been built into botnets. In this way, hackers have already managed to get the cell phone numbers of celebrities. Everything about networks on