Social work pays off well

Why are social professions paid less?

Even educator Ann-Christin Haeser doesn't have the feeling that she doesn't earn enough. The 24-year-old shares the rent for the apartment with her boyfriend; Children or retirement are not yet an issue. “We can go on vacation and do something in our free time. Of course we don't go to upscale restaurants or anything, but neither do our friends. It probably only becomes difficult when you have children and then only earn one. Then, for financial reasons, I will quickly have to put my child in care in order to get back to work. ”The teacher training usually lasts three years. Two of them are school-based - the trainees don't earn any money during that time. Ann-Christin only got almost 1,000 euros a month in the subsequent year of recognition. After the year of recognition, she received around 600 euros more. It is now 2,700 euros gross. "In comparison, that is still relatively good," says Ann-Christin, who is employed by a church organization. “It can be less with other providers.” One of her colleagues is not a teacher, but a nanny, the situation is different, she earns around 300 euros less. “Even though we do the same work every day,” says Ann-Christin and shakes her head. She herself earns around 500 euros less than the national average.