How did English come to Malaysia

Language in Malaysia

Malay is considered the official language in Malaysia. English is widely spoken as a second language, so travelers can easily communicate in English, especially in the popular holiday regions.

Malaysia is incredibly diverse when it comes to the languages ​​in the country, with more than 100 languages ​​spread across the country.

Malay and other languages ​​in the country

"Bahasa Melayu" or Malay is the official language in Malaysia. The Latin alphabet is used here, which also makes learning the language easier for those interested. Due to the proximity to the border, Indians and Chinese also live in Malaysia, which is why numerous Chinese and Indian languages ​​also enjoy a high priority in the country. Since Malaysia was once under English colonial rule, the English language is deeply rooted. It is spoken by many locals as a second language, which benefits travelers from all over the world, who then do not necessarily have to learn the language in Malaysia in order to be able to communicate on vacation. Differences in language culture can also be found in geographical terms. Various indigenous languages, including Iban or Kadazan, can be found in East Malaysia on Borneo.

English is not the same as English in Malaysia

British English, which is primarily learned in school, is mainly used in Malaysia for official correspondence. In terms of pronunciation, however, American English is widespread. Another grouping is the Manglish - a mixture of Malay and British English. Manglish is a colloquial language in Malaysia.

What does that mean for tourists? Whether British or American English - travelers who speak the English language should have no problems communicating in the big cities and holiday regions. Manglish can sound confusing at first, but with a little practice and patience, understanding it is quickly trained. Malay is predominant in rural areas. Those who are more interested in the country, the people and the language in Malaysia should complete a language course in Malaysia, as the range of corresponding language courses in Germany is rather rare. Alternatively, language trips to Malaysia are also an option.

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