Why are there gender biases in society

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Wild guys are allowed to fight

It really is in the boys that they are often wilder than the girls. Because boys have more of the hormone testosterone in their blood as soon as they are around four years old. They have a lot more of it in puberty. And testosterone makes you wild and aggressive too. The hormone is made in the testicles.

How much it changes the being can be seen well in animals: oxen no longer have testicles; they are good-natured and good-natured - in contrast to bulls, of which one can easily get scared. It is similar with horses: stallions are often very wild.

Because people don't like handling such wild animals so much, they cut off their testicles. The male horses without testicles, the geldings, are almost always much tamer.

Testosterone is probably not the only reason most boys romp and tussle more than most girls. Another important reason is that boys are allowed to run around more. Parents and teachers find that right with boys.

But when a girl is playing with guns or swords and fighting, the adults often forbid it. Girls have just as much anger in their stomachs as boys. Scientists from Berlin have found that out. But instead of hitting, they tend to scream out the anger. This is what their parents taught them to do, and besides, mothers usually do it that way too.