Has China high schools

China-related schools Schools related to China in Hamburg

China-EU School of Law (CESL)

China-related courses are offered at the University of Hamburg, Faculty of Law.

Prof. Dr. Hinrich Julius
Email: [email protected]
Rothenbaumchaussee 33
20148 Hamburg

University of Applied Science (HAW)

Joint course with the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST): Joint College Hamburg-Shanghai
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Völler (Pro-Dean of the Faculty of Technology & Computer Science)
Tel .: 040-42875-8002
Berliner Tor 5
20099 Hamburg

Bucerius Law School

Further training opportunities in Beijing and Shanghai together with Chinese partners, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, for Chinese and international specialists and executives from the legal and economic sector; Summer schools in Beijing and Suzhou

Dr. Nina Smidt
Tel .: 040 - 30 706 - 107
Fax: 040 - 30 7906 - 269
Email: [email protected]

Bucerius Education GmbH
Jungiusstrasse 6th
20355 Hamburg

European Business College

Degree in International Tourism and Event Manager (EMA) with a focus on East Asia

Johann Stooß
Tel .: 040-3233-7010
Fax: 040-3233-7020
Email: [email protected]
Esplanade 6
20354 Hamburg

Northern Institute of Technology (NIT)

Scholarship program for Chinese engineering students with bachelor's degrees

Gunter crowd
Tel .: 040-42878-2487
Fax: 040-42878-3789
Email: [email protected]
Kasernenstrasse 12
21073 Hamburg

Asia Forum

Cross-school educational concept of the high schools in Glinde, Wentorf and Reinbek with lectures, seminars, Chinese lessons and exchange trips.

Dr. Christiane Repenning
Tel .: 040-7105-451
Glinde High School
Oher way 24
21509 Glinde

German-Chinese School Exchange Sponsorship Association

The German-Chinese School Exchange Sponsorship Association has been supporting and promoting school exchanges between Hamburg and Shanghai for decades.
Visit programs and exchange reports on the Walddörfer Gymnasium website.

Helga von der Nahmer (2nd chairwoman)
Tel .: 040-3697-9616
Email: [email protected]
c / o Schulz Noack Bärwinkel
Baumall 7
20459 Hamburg

State Youth Association Hamburg e.V.

Youth exchange with China as part of the Hamburg city partnership.

Jürgen Garbers
Tel .: 040-3179-6116
Email: [email protected]
Güntherstrasse 34
22087 Hamburg

AFS intercultural encounter

Extracurricular providers of exchange programs.

Tel .: 040-399-2220
Fax: 040-399-2229
Email: [email protected]
Friedensallee 48
22765 Hamburg

German Youth for Understanding GmbH

Extracurricular providers of exchange programs.

Tel .: 040-2270-020
Fax: 040-2270-0227
Email: [email protected]
Averhoffstrasse 10
22085 Hamburg

Eurovacances Youth Exchange GmbH

Extracurricular providers of exchange programs.

Tel .: 040-4470-700
Fax: 040-4466-96
Email: [email protected]
Rothenbaumchaussee 5
20148 Hamburg

Marienthal High School

The Chinese-language branch is possible at the Marienthal High School from the fifth year of school.

Tel .: 040-4288-6310
Fax: 040-4288-63131
Email: [email protected]
Holstenhofweg 86
22043 Hamburg

Christianeum high school

Students at the Christianeum, the oldest grammar school in western Hamburg, can take up Chinese from the 7th grade onwards. Initially as a workshop to get to know the new foreign language, then from grade 8 in the elective area. In the upper school, Chinese is taught as an elective for four hours. The Christianeum offers Chinese as a written and oral Abitur examination subject.

Tel .: 040-4288-8280
Fax: 040-4288-82831
Otto-Ernst-Strasse 34
22605 Hamburg

Ida Ehre Comprehensive School

In the middle level of the Ida-Ehre-Gesamtschule, students have the opportunity to take a Chinese group. In the upper level you can learn this language from the 11th grade in a four-hour course and take an Abitur examination in it. You will be guided by the Chinese teacher Ms. Cheng and a foreign language assistant from Shanghai.

Tel .: 040-4289-780
Bogenstrasse 36
20144 Hamburg

Walddörfer grammar school

Since 1985, Chinese has been introduced as a subject in schools in Hamburg. At the Walddörfer-Gymnasium it is possible to take Chinese as a third or fourth Abitur subject.

Tel .: 040-6031-480
Im Allhorn 45
22359 Hamburg

Hanhua Chinese School e.V.

Chinese weekend school: The Hanhua Chinese school in Hamburg currently has 30 classes with more than 250 students at two school locations. Her main concern is the imparting of well-founded Chinese language skills, both spoken and written.

Tel .: 040-5305-4392
Mobile: 0179-5398-087
Fax: 040-4134-53053
Maimoortwiete 6
22179 Hamburg