Where was Arjuna when Abhimanyu died

Chapter 5 - List of the fallen on the Kuru side

With his heart trembling again with agony, Dhritarashtra spoke to his charioteer:
Now Karna is dead because my son acted badly with little foresight. Alas, this news cuts to the core of my heart. How much I long to cross this ocean of sorrow. So dispel my doubts and tell me who is still alive on both sides and who is already dead.

Sanjaya replied:
After defeating many Srinjayas and Panchalas warriors with great heroism, Shantanu's invincible son, Bhishma, was defeated after ten days. The mighty archer Drona with the golden chariot also fell after destroying the Panchala army. Karna defeated half of the troops that were left after Bhishma and Drona and died. Prince Vivinsati struck down hundreds of Anarta warriors and fell. Your heroic son Vikarna faced the enemy, without horses or weapons, only thinking of the duties of a Kshatriya. He was beaten by Bhima, who remembered his oath and all the evils Duryodhana had brought him. Vinda and Anuvinda, the two powerful princes of Avanti, entered the realm of Yamas after performing outstanding heroic deeds. The energetic Jayadratha, who had ten Sindhus kingdoms under his rule, was defeated by Arjuna after he had defeated eleven Akshauhinis of our troops with his pointed arrows. Duryodhana's obedient son, who was very active and difficult to defeat, was defeated by Abhimanyu, the son of Subhadra. The brave and terribly fighting son of Dushasana with the strong arms was sent to the kingdom of Yamas by a heroic son of Draupadi. The virtuous Bhagadatta, that ruler of the kiratas and other inhabitants of the lowlands on the seashore, the dear friend of the Lord of Heaven and well respected for his observance of the Kshatriya duties, was killed by the heroic Arjuna. Our relative Bhurisravas, this brave and celebrated son of Somadatta, was beaten by Satyaki. The Amvashta King Srutayus, this always fearlessly fighting warrior, was first reminded of the old enmity by Arjuna and then killed. Your battle-experienced and angry son Dushasana was defeated by Bhima. Sudakshina with the many thousands of wonderful elephants fell victim to Arjuna. After defeating many hundreds of enemies, the ruler of the Kosalas fell at the hand of the valiantly fighting Abhimanyu. Your son Chitrasena also died after a successful battle with many thousands of enemies in the fight against Bhima. The brave younger brother of Shalya, ruler of the Madras, this handsome warrior with sword and shield, died at Abhimanyu. Karna's son Vrishasena, who was on par with his father in battle, experienced, energetic and steadfast, entered the realm of Yamas right before Karna at the hand of Arjuna, because Arjuna remembered the death of his son Abhimanyu and wanted to fulfill his vow. Shalya's heroic son Rukmaratha was beaten by Sahadeva, although both were like brothers, as the son of Sahadeva's uncle. The old King Bhagiratha and Vrihadkshatra, the ruler of the Kekayas, the two brave, energetic and powerful heroes fell in battle. The wise and strong son of Bhagadatta was killed by Nakula, who was always as active as a hawk in battle. The powerful and heroic grandfather Valhika and his entourage were defeated by Bhima. Jayatsena, the son of Jarasandha and prince of the Magadhas, fell by the high-souled son of Subhadra (Abhimanyu). Your sons Durmukha and Duhsaha, O king, were both considered heroes and yet fell under the club of Bhima. After countless heroic deeds, Durmarshana, Durvisaha and Durjaya entered the kingdom of Yamas. The two invincible brothers Kalinga and Vrishaka died after many feats in battle. Your energetic advisor Vrishavarman of the Suta caste, O King, was sent from Bhima to the kingdom of Yamas. And King Paurava, with the power of ten thousand elephants, was defeated by Arjuna with his followers. Two thousand Vasatis, all effective fighters, were defeated along with the Surasenas. The well-armed Abhishahas, the splendid fighters of the Sivis and the Kalingas have also already fallen. And the fighters who usually lived in Gokula, who were always ready to fight and never backed away, were defeated by Arjuna. Many thousands of srenis and samsaptakas tried to fight Arjuna and all died. Your two brothers-in-law, the mighty princes Vrishaka and Achala, died under Arjuna's arms for your good. King Salwa, with mighty arms and fierce determination, was a great archer and heroic fighter. He was killed by Bhima. Oghavat and Vrishanta fought together, zealously and vigorously for their allies, and entered the realm of Yama together. Just like the excellent car warrior Kshemadhurti, who was defeated by Bhima's club. After a great slaughter, the mighty King Jalasandha died because he was defeated by Satyaki. And Alayudha, the prince of the Rakshasas, in front of whose chariot monstrous donkeys were harnessed, he was sent from Ghatotkacha to the kingdom of Yamas. Karna and his mighty brothers, the Kekayas, Malavas, Madrakas, Dravidas, Yaudheyas, Lalittyas, Kshudrakas, Usinaras, Mavellakas, Tundikeras, Savitriputras, the Easterners, Westerners, Northmen and Southerners were all defeated by Arjuna. Large units of foot soldiers, myriads of horses, charioteers, and giant elephants are dead. Arjuna, the indefatigable, defeated so many good heroes with their standards, ornaments, armor, and weapons, even though they had perseverance, noble birth, and good demeanor. The same happened to other powerful people who vigorously struck their enemies. Many, many kings died in battle, O king. You asked me about it and I answered you. Yes, when Arjuna and Karna fought against each other, it was just as devastating as the fight between Indra and Vritra, Rama and Ravana, Krishna and Naraka or Mura, Rama with the ax and Kartavirya, Skanda and the Asura Mahisha or Rudra and Andhaka. Karna died with all his followers, to whom your sons had placed all hope of victory and who had supported the great enmity with the Pandavas. Arjuna did what you didn't think possible. Well-meaning friends have always warned you, and now the devastating catastrophe has come upon us. You, oh monarch, have wished well to your greedy sons and in doing so charged them with all these evils. And the fruits of these evils are just manifesting.