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Fire in Brozek (found: 28)

Polish information on the landfill fire in Brożek

March 15, 2017: Translated information from the Polish Environmental Protection Agency of the Lubuskie Voivodeship and Brody Municipality regarding the situation after the landfill fire in Brożek.

First analysis results after immediate immission measurements

March 15, 2017: The first analysis results from immediate immission measurements by the Environment unit at BASF Schwarzheide at the time the two 24-hour measuring stations were set up in the Forster open-air pool and in Groß Bademeusel to monitor air quality are available.
All measured values ​​were below the respective determination limits and below the known exposure limit values. According to the spokesman for BASF Schwarzheide GmbH, it can therefore be assumed that there is no acute health risk with regard to the measured fire gas components. The further analysis of the Forster measurement data is carried out by the Ergo Umweltinstitut Dresden. The results are expected for next week.

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BASF experts take air measurements

March 13, 2017: On Monday lunchtime, experts from BASF Schwarzheide and the ERGO Environment Institute began taking air measurements in Forst (Lausitz). For this purpose, a measuring station in the urban area and a measuring station in the Forster area were installed.

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District requests support for air measurements in Forst (Lausitz)

March 10, 2017: The Spree-Neisse district is continuing its activities in the context of public education work on the fire at the recycling yard in Brożek, Poland. The ABC explorer of the Forst (Lausitz) fire brigade will continue to carry out air measurements in the extensive urban area in the coming days. As part of a neighborhood aid scheme, the company has promised to provide its own and external measurement facilities.

Discussion on the situation between District Administrator Harald Altekrüger, Environment Minister Jörg Vogelsänger and representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the district administration in the Forster district house.

The district carries out its own measurements

March 9, 2017: Information meeting with media representatives from the town of Forst, Juliusz Dudziak (deputy mayor of the Brody parish and head of municipal services), Helena Miklaszewska (assistant to the mayor of the Brody parish and responsible for cross-border cooperation), Wolfhard Kätzmer (head of fire and disaster control at LK SPN) and Jürgen Hartz (Deputy Head of Environment at LK SPN).

Mr. Dudziak informs about the current situation at the recycling yard and in the affected Polish communities. For the landfill operator, the Polish authorities have issued conditions for fire clearance and further business management. These are also checked. The air measurements by a stationary measuring station on the fire site and additional measurements with a mobile measuring device in the affected Polish locations will be continued. It was agreed that the German and Polish partners would continue to exchange information intensively.

March 8, 2017: The Spree-Neisse district has carried out three air measurements by the volunteer fire brigade in the Forster city area at the following times: 9:54 a.m. / 11:13 a.m. / 9:40 p.m. As a result, no air pollution was found.

District Administrator speaks to Polish partners

March 6, 2017: District Administrator Harald Altekrüger informs himself about the current situation with District Administrator Mr. Dudojć of the District of Żary. This ensures that the fire is under the control of the responsible fire brigade and the environmental protection office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. Problem: Fires of this kind cannot be eliminated immediately. Therefore, annoyances such as smell, smoke, etc. are to be expected. Mr. Dudojć confirms that these odor nuisances do not endanger health and that the environmental protection agency of the Lubuskie Voivodeship carries out constant controls.

District Administrator Harald Altekrüger also obtained information from the inspector of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Lubuskie Voivodeship, Mr. Paweł Popko. This confirms that constant controls of the air, water and soil are carried out and that there are no health risks.

March 6, 2017: Information from the fire brigade in Żary

Why has it not been possible to completely extinguish the fire at the Brożek waste collection point?
The fire has been localized in an embankment. It doesn't spread any further. There is no superficial burn. Parts of the material continue to glow beneath the surface of the collection point. The surface is covered by the burned material. This makes it difficult to extinguish the fire below. The landfill is located in a wooded area. Most of the landfill was burned. There is no way to get the material out, delete it and take it elsewhere.
What is burning?
90% of plastics (polyethylene and polypropylene) are stored on the landfill.
How much waste is there?
At the beginning of the fire, 25,000 tons of plastic were stored in the landfill.
The smoke is a danger to people's health in the
surrounding places?
The air condition is not monitored by the fire brigade. That is not part of their job. The air measurements of the Inspection for Environmental Protection show that there are no substances in the air that could endanger health.
How many more days will it be before the fire is extinguished?
The landowner received the recommendation to delimit the burning material. Until it is combed through, the material can glow and smoke can form. The activities of the landfill owner can take 3-4 weeks.
Which fire brigade is in use? How many vehicles, how many  Firefighters put out the fire?
The extinguishing measures were carried out between February 14 and March 3, 2017. During this time, all measures were carried out in a shift system with 196 vehicles and 363 firefighters. The area was handed over to the landfill owner for monitoring on March 3, and he was given appropriate instructions on combing through the material in order to curb smoke. On March 5, a Polish fire brigade was on site, which was able to confirm the smoke development and the monitoring by the landfill owner. On March 6, the responsible fire brigade no longer carried out any measures on the landfill. The measures were ended after the fire hazard had been eliminated. There is no danger to the forest area or to the plant facilities.
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Fire in Brożek

February 16, 2017: Message from the district commander of the state fire brigade in Żary: no threat from the spread of fire and no danger to the population. The crisis team informs Żary that the fire is under control. Establishment of several measuring points in Poland. Result: no health risks. The Lubuskie Voivodeship Environmental Protection Agency continuously measures air, soil and water values. For air measurements, there is a stationary 24-hour measuring station at the scene of the fire, which is in use day and night, as well as taking mobile air measurements on the Polish side.

The measurement results are published on the website:
According to the information provided by the Polish authorities, no health risk could be identified.
Extinguishing measures by the responsible Polish fire brigade were carried out by March 3, 2017.

February 14, 2017: Information is exchanged at the operational level on the basis of an agreement on cross-border cooperation.

February 13, 2017: In the Polish town of Brożek, a fire breaks out on the premises of the DEKO-PROCES recycling company. The responsibility for fire fighting and monitoring lies with the district of Żary, the municipality of Brody and the responsible Polish fire brigade.