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5 things you should definitely know before your stay in Sri Lanka

The following article is written by Ani and Julian from wavesnbackpack.

Sri Lanka, the breathtaking island in the Indian Ocean, is full of impressions Diversity with green hilly landscapes, powerful waves and rattling tuk-tuks. The following article is written by Anika and Julian from wavesnbackpack, who are currently publishing an e-book on Sri Lanka and will therefore be familiar with the teardrop-shaped island have been busy.

1. Adams Peak is much more than just a pilgrimage route

Before we started our trip, we read one or two articles about the most sacred of all pilgrimage routes for Buddhists in Sri Lanka - the Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada Mountain called. Which, however, was often not discussed here, besides all the exertions and tired legs the next day, is the unbelievable view that makes all of this worthwhile.

In the village Dalhousie at 2:30 started our adventure “Ascent to Adam's Peak”.

We had absolutely no idea what to expect here and reassured ourselves again and again with the words “it can't be so exhausting”. We couldn't have been much further away:

The different climatic zones that one passes to the 5000+ steps up to the summit of Adam’s Peak at 2243 m above sea level really bothered us.

At the beginning of cheerfulness and with a good portion of motivation, the strength and exertion waned with each step and the orientation lights of the summit came and did not feel any closer. With the remaining energy and great anticipation in our luggage, we finally made it just in time for sunrise. What offered us up there on the plateau however, surpassed each Imagination! The first sunlight of the day rose minute by minute, breaking through the darkness and showing us exactly where we were - above that Valley, which is in In a matter of seconds in bright green lit up as the passing clouds of fog gave way and the warm sun colored the mountains a rich orange. Such a mystical feeling while loud prayers rang out in the background.

2. The head shaking

A downward and upward movement of the head and the head-shaking movement we Europeans know.Shaking his head and nod so is a concept to us. In Sri Lanka, however, one comes across a somewhat irritating form the gesture and one swiveling head movementthat overwhelmed us in many places because we did not know how to interpret them. Depending on the situation, this form multiple meanings to have.

  • So the head shaking can be a tentative approval mean, such as haggling over the price of the tuk-tuk ride.
  • When asked whether the train is now leaving platform 9, it could too “Maybe” or “I don't really know”, as much as "Yes, definitely" mean.

Just make a note here: The head shaking should always be with one positive feeling be associated. It is not uncommon for you to meet locals who answer your question with a shake of their head and huge grins on their faces. Misunderstandings are inevitable here :)

We have theorized that this typical movement in India has its origins in the constantly wobbly means of transport like the old, rickety buses and trains. Sounds plausible to us, but it is most likely incorrect :)

3. Train journeys are truly a highlight

Where we are while traveling by train. In Germany, trains are a means to an end - in Sri Lanka, on the other hand, train journeys are not just a srather cheap means of transport but offer every traveler the opportunity to immerse yourself in Sri Lanka's culture. The discarded Canadian trains have the “Open door policy” probably interpreted specially and offer so great outlook of the sea or lush green tea plantations.

We recommend therefore everyone who travels to us should cover as many distances as possible by train. It is best to buy a second or third class ticket, because this is where you experience Sri Lankan society. Flying vendors selling spicy Kottu Rottis wrapped in newspaper and singers who put people in a good mood. You will experience all of this while traveling by train in Sri Lanka.

Tip: Don't miss the fresh pineapple with chilli!

4. Elephant houses (also orphanages) should be viewed critically

Whether in Thailand, Cambodia or Sri Lanka - be on every corner Lured tourists to ride elephants. Whether in the temples of Ang Khor to marvel at the ruins with elephants or to ride through the jungle in Sri Lanka. Of course it has flair and may sound interesting at first. But that is exactly what has its price and unfortunately the old quadrupeds pay for it themselves.

5. Surf

Ok, Julian knew that beforehand, as it was a decisive factor in our decision to go to Sri Lanka, but surfing was a completely new experience for Ani. Besides all that great inland, Sri Lanka also offers beautiful waves and all that Surfer heart desired.

in the south promise Hikkaduwa, Mirissa and as a beginner Weligama good surfing conditions. When the south is hit by the annual monsoons, it clears up east and offers the best opportunities in Arugam Bay. So you can surf all year round in Sri Lanka.

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