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June 13, 2017

Unfortunately, my semester abroad is drawing to a close. Time for a declaration of love to my adopted home and for some of the reasons why I would choose Poland and especially Wroclaw again and again.

150,000 students - every fourth resident is enrolled

Wrocław is colorful, lively and, above all, young. There are around 150,000 students for the approx. 630,000 inhabitants. Almost every fourth resident here is enrolled at one of the eleven universities - many of them are international students.
Not only do you get to know a lot of interesting and cool people, the abundance of students naturally affects the cityscape and leisure program. There are alternative cafes, bars and restaurants everywhere, almost all of which have special offers for students.

In the "Pasaz Niepolda", one of the party hotspots in Wroclaw, there is one club after the other. Many are open seven days a week and are actually full almost every day.

Numerous festivals - and many are free

In addition, the city and universities organize various festivals again and again. The most popular is the Juwenalia open-air festival. For a week there are concerts, food and drink trucks and lots of other activities. Admission is free and the atmosphere is always great - of course that attracts thousands of students, even beyond Wroclaw's borders.

Low cost of living: You don't have to save in Poland.

As I have already described in my blog entry “What does the world cost?”, Life here is actually a lot cheaper than at home in Germany. If the beer costs just one or two euros, the breakfast and smoothie only six euros and the cheese / sausage platter only four euros, you don't think twice.

This combination of cheap living costs and the wide range of options the city has to offer makes Wrocław one of the most recommendable cities for me to spend an Erasmus semester in.
We students can enjoy the charm of the city to the full every day without having to constantly calculate whether a cup of cappuccino in the small café around the corner or a glass of wine in the hip bar on the Odersteg still fits into the budget.

For all these reasons, I can only recommend Poland and especially Wrocław to everyone as a destination for a semester abroad. I haven't regretted my decision to come here for a minute. Dare to go to Eastern Europe folks, it's worth it!