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25. Changes

Brady clears his throat in embarrassment and rubs his neck nervously and embarrassed. There are deep lines on his forehead that really scare me. "I don't know Tom". Tom grimaces, silently kneads the cooler bag and puts it back on my cheek. "You want to be a doctor and don't know if the baby is okay," he suddenly bursts out out. Brady stares blankly at his brother for a few moments before he joins me on the bed and looks down at me almost angrily. “I will become a doctor and not a clairvoyant. That is a small, but decisive difference. "The atmosphere in the room is like an impending thunderstorm. Everyone sees the dark clouds in the sky. Everyone can feel the cool wind on their skin as it forcibly pushes the storm fronts together. The air is yours unpleasant electric crackling that tugs my weak nerves. I would love to throw the two brothers out on edge and just hide under the covers. On the other hand, I don't want to be left alone right now. I have no idea what's going to happen . What's going on in my stomach and why I have this sharp pain. However, I also know that it is not normal at all. Pregnancy has nothing to do with blood and pain. That much is certain.

“I'll drive after you in the car. You don't have to go through this alone. Everything will be fine, I'm sure, "whispers Tom and kisses my temple. It would be too good if I could believe these words. Tears sting the corner of my eye. But I'm not ready to shed them. As long as I don't know What is going on or what is going to happen, I will collect myself. Hope dies last, as is well known. Several minutes pass almost in silence. Neither Brady nor Tom talk anything. Then I hear a faint hum that increases steadily and finally even the windows vibrate The rescue helicopter is approaching for landing. I briefly catch a glimpse of the monster with the long and nervous rotor blades past Brady. My heart is beating up to my neck. "I'm scared," I whisper almost panicked and think feverishly, the quickest way to escape. "You don't have to, they can fly," Brady tries to calm me down. "I don't mean the helicopter at all. I'm afraid that the baby is not doing well. That it is simply too late". I am so angry. Does he actually think I'm only thinking about myself. I don't know fear of flying. I've never had that before. My fear is much deeper and can hardly be suppressed. “This is very convenient for you. I'm right. The problem will solve itself and you just pulled your neck out of the loop. "The words spray like poison from my lips. Brady breathes in audibly and averts his gaze. He doesn't even try to calm me down. So there is only one possibility. The baby won't make it. It had no chance at all. Help is coming too late and he knows for sure. I hear several people running up the stairs and I almost panic. Kathy guides Three paramedics come into the room. They don't bother with greetings or questions and give me an infusion right away and almost at the same time I'm already lying on the stretcher. I feel drowsy, because obviously they have added a sedative. "Someone may fly with you "says the somewhat older paramedic. It's probably the doctor. Brady immediately pushes himself off the wall and the doctor doesn't give him. Tom glares at his brother. But he shrugs his shoulders indifferently. “You said that you would come with the car. You also have to pack a few things for Paula. As her boyfriend you surely have an idea what she needs. "My gaze wanders to Tom. His jaws press together, but he gives in." Don't forget my toiletry bag, "I tell him and grab his hand around her To press one last time before we leave.