What does a woman's pussy look like

This is how intimate surgery helps women

Whether labia, clitoris or vagina: More and more women are having genital surgery. What are the motivations? And what are the treatment options?

Help with psychological distress

What has long been true for the noses and eyelids has also reached the female genital area: the correction of natural conditions with a scalpel or laser. The mere tinkering of an aesthetic design vagina is not the task of intimate surgery, emphasizes Uta Schlossberger, President of the Society for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Intimate Surgery (GAERID).

Rather, it is about helping women who are often suffering from considerable distress. Women who no longer feel comfortable in their bodies, e.g. B. because her vagina is too wide after having children. Schlossberger believes that it is better for them to consult a psychologist. “You wouldn't advise acne patients to go to a psychologist either,” she emphasizes.

Especially 40 to 60 year olds

Most women who choose to have intimate surgery are between 40 and 60 years old, married, and have families. Typical complaints are a vagina that is dilated due to childbirth or "loose" labia that rub against each other and become inflamed during exercise or cycling. In old age, the skin around the clitoris often becomes slack and makes orgasm difficult. Another problem that is becoming more and more common due to migration is genital mutilation, which urgently needs to be treated.

The offer of genital surgeons therefore includes the following interventions:

  • Reduction of the inner labia
  • Corrections to clitoral cladding, i.e. Tightening the skin around the clitoris
  • Tightening of the outer labia
  • Narrowing of the vagina
  • Restoration of the genitals after genital mutilation.

Women do not have to worry about the erogenous zones if they decide to have an operation in the genital area. “It is even easier to operate there than an upper eyelid surgery. Only the clitoris must not be injured, ”emphasizes Schlossberger. However, she does not know any colleague who has made this mistake so far.

Get out of the dirty corner

However, intimate surgery also has to deal with ethical issues. For example, according to Schlossberger, there are many 17- or 18-year-olds who would like a vagina like the one in “Bravo”. Schlossberger is also critical of the trend to look like a little girl in the genital area. Especially in the USA, en masse women allow a so-called porn or bread roll vagina to be missed for this. Shrinking the labia and constricting vaginas is one of the tasks of intimate surgeons. But the result of the operation should be natural. “The aim is not to make it look like a little girl, but rather what a woman used to look like in front of the children,” emphasizes Schlossberger.

Source: SpringerMedizin


02.12.2020 | Dr. med. Sonja Kempinski