I am a madman

Translation of "am I crazy" in English

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am I crazy I'm crazy


Margin, am i crazy or is my back getting hairier?
Listen, am i crazy or do we both want it?
also am i crazy after you.
And after the am i crazy.
You know what, maybe am i crazy.
And maybe am i crazybecause I suppose so.
Maybe am i crazybut we can't sell Conrad.
Therefore am i crazy after you.
OK maybe am i crazy.
And therefore am i crazy after you.
Maybe am i crazyto take you with me.
And before am i crazy after a.
Either am i crazy or just passionate.
Either am i crazy, or someone is trying hard to wipe me out.
Either I am crazy or somebody's going to an awful lot of trouble to blot me out.
"Naturally am i crazy"replies the artist.
So am i crazy, I'm talking to myself, maybe you don't exist.
If that wasn't a wolf that I heard last night am i crazy.
Well, if that wasn't a wolf I heard baying last night, I'm crazy.
Maybe am i crazybut I really believe the boy loves me.
Maybe I'm crazy but I really believe the kid started to love me.
Maybe am i crazy, but I like it clean.
Doesn't Booth look like Wilbur, does it am i crazy?
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