How do you say beautiful in Italian

Translation of "How do you say so beautifully" in Italian

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As the saying goes: There is no life beyond the Volga.
As the saying goes? "If you love something, you should let go."
We didn't want to create an arsenal, but as the saying goes:
As the saying goes? "The day comes for every dog."
As the saying goes? "What happened happened."
Well as the saying goes... life is full of surprises.
Let's meet... as the saying goes, where everything began.
But as the saying goes: "A thief who steals from thieves ..."
Ma s wallpaper come si dice: "Ladro che ruba a un altro ladro ..."
As the saying goes, Age does not protect against stupidity.
Come si dice... non c'è peggior sordo di chi non vuol sentire.
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