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Hi, I was stopped in Death Valley 4 years ago for over speeding. Where the measurement took place ... I have no idea, for many miles there was nothing to be seen but desert.
My speed ticket came to Germany a little later by post. Cost $ 150. Payable to the American National Bank or something like that.
I let some time pass before I paid and then paid by check (tip from my bank). The check came back about 6 weeks later, including a letter stating that the deadline for payment had expired and that the payment was now 450US dollars. If I fail to pay, I would have to expect arrest the next time I enter the country. After consulting with my legal protection insurance because of a lawsuit against this high demand, they agreed to bear the additional costs.
I paid a total of $ 450 plus fees and my legal protection remitted me the rest of the fine. On my last entry I had jitters and therefore all the correspondence, including the bank transfer form, was at hand. I was allowed to enter without any problems.

So, always keep your speed nicely, no matter where, because there is apparently no unobserved area.
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