When is Elon Musk coming to India

'As promised': Elon Musk confirms Tesla's imminent expansion into India

According to media reports, Tesla is in talks with five states to set up a production facility.

The cleantech company Tesla is looking for a suitable location for the next gigafactory and a design and research center in five Indian states. For the imminent Tesla expansion to India, the Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd founded a subsidiary. CEO Elon Musk confirmed the plan with a tweet: "As Promised", he replied to a thread in which the market opportunities in India are analyzed.

The challenge for Tesla India Motors and Energy in the Indian market is to make cars that are affordable for many people. For days there have been rumors that Tesla will work closely with Tata Motors in India - the Indian company's share price is rising enormously. However, there is currently no official information that would confirm such cooperation.

The new company, Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd, set up the tech company earlier this week. It is an unlisted private company. Vaibhav Taneja (Chief Accounting Officer at Tesla), Venkatrangam Sreeram (start-up entrepreneur from Bengalore, previously also working for Tesla China) and David Jon Feinstein (Global Senior Director for Retail Market Access at Tesla) were named executives for Tesla India.

According to several media reports, Tesla is located with a total of five states (including Maharashtra, Karnataka) for settlement. In the past, Elon Musk had repeatedly regretted not being able to enter the Indian market faster - it was only in the past few months that the political framework conditions have changed. In November 2020, Musk replied to a question from a user "Yes ... next year for sure."

In a first step, Tesla apparently wants to bring Model 3 to India. Orders could start shortly - and the first deliveries from the second half of the year. It is to be expected that the rapidly expanding Shanghai Gigafactory will also produce for the Indian market as soon as Europe can increasingly be served from Grünheide.

According to Reuters, the Indian government not only wants to invest more in renewable energies, but has also brought battery and automobile production into the country. According to the information, $ 4.6 billion in possible subsidies were made available for this. A Tesla establishment via Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd in India would certainly also entail the establishment of a battery factory - possibly from CATL.

The Indonesian government is currently proceeding in a similar way to India: Indonesia is of great importance for battery manufacturers, primarily because of its large nickel deposits. Recently, CATL and LG also announced investments in the billions.

It is one of the unbeatable advantages of electric cars over combustion engines that decentralized production is worthwhile, among other things, to meet emission targets. In addition, Tesla's ambitions to possibly set up a design center there also show that electric mobility will make it easier to adapt vehicles to different regional needs on an identical basis.