Why was I born the greatest disappointment

Disappointment sayings tell the truth

A feeling of disappointment spreads for a variety of reasons: Maybe someone didn't keep their promise or let a date break. Or a family member has divulged intimacies. Or we didn't get a coveted job.

Everyone knows the disappointment and hurt that inevitably comes with it. Pessimistic contemporaries even believe that the whole of life is a single succession of disappointments. However, many people fail to openly admit their disappointment. It can be helpful to have at least one expressive disappointment statement ready. So, in a sense, the flower tells you how bitter you are feeling right now.

Can disappointments be avoided at all?

Some believe that if you don't expect anything, you can't be disappointed. That may be true, but for most people a certain expectation is part of life. Certainly: Whoever hopes for the best, greatest, greatest, programs disappointment. It is also a question of personal disposition how much space a person allows for disappointments. Sometimes it's just a short stab in the pit of the stomach, but other times we just don't want to be able to put away the disappointment and overcome it.

A tried and tested remedy for frustration is to mirror the disappointment to the cause. This succeeds with a fitting disappointment saying that describes the stale feeling that triggers a strong bitterness. The many bright minds who have invented sayings about disappointment know the human soul. They masterfully manage to express what disappointed people really feel. While they might be ashamed to say it in their own words, a disappointment gets to the heart of the matter: It shows the addressee not only what he has done wrong, but also what triggers his wrongdoing in the person concerned . So it's not about reproaches, but about developing empathy and thinking about what disappointments can do.

People who are capable of learning draw their conclusions from this and behave more reliably, more considerately and more carefully in the future. Such a success should not be expected from everyone, but most people hate to disappoint others. For this reason, people even lie and cheat. If it does come out, the disappointment is even greater - it is really tricky! In general, disappointed feelings can hardly be avoided, but with what force they grasp someone, every person has an influence. Acting too spontaneously can lead to disappointment, but also to long hesitation. There is no panacea.

Not taking disappointments too seriously?

This advice is often heard, but how it works is not told. Of course, everyone can decide again and again that disappointments should not get under their skin in the future. Some actually harden over time and develop a kind of mental cornea against ever new impacts. With others, exactly the opposite is the case: They become increasingly thin-skinned over the years and seem to be attracted to disappointments. Therefore, they often complain and show little understanding for wise disappointment sayings. These often contain information on how to deal with disappointments or how to deal with them.

Despite all the theory: some incidents always hurt us anew, even if we resolve to let the disappointment roll off us. In relationships and in the family in particular, the frustration threshold is usually quite low. In return, disappointments are usually not added as long as in other constellations of human coexistence. At work, a single disappointment can cost you your job, while feeling depressed every now and then is simply part of love. On the other hand, there are a lot of characters who just can't help but react deeply disappointed and not forget such moments for a long time.

As soon as it becomes clear that someone is churning out disappointments but is not aware of it, there is a need for clarification. Instead of advising someone not to take disappointments so seriously, an unequivocal appeal to those who caused them should be made: Be careful so that nobody is disappointed and therefore sad or angry! With a carefully selected disappointment saying, you can convey how deep the injury may be and how urgently an apology is needed.

Should you confess your disappointments?

Many spontaneously think: Yes, of course, just keep silent about anything. But it's not that simple, because many people believe that they are naked when they admit disappointment. Whether the admission is in your own words or through a disappointment does not have the same effect. Anyone who feels bad luck often does not find the right pitch to be taken seriously. A disappointment saying, on the other hand, offers a certain protection and can at the same time represent an impulse for reflection. People who repeatedly cause disappointment to others urgently need to reflect on their behavior. With witty or biting disappointment sayings it is possible to appeal to the consciousness and conscience of this person. This is more effective than any irrational accusation or suspicion born out of the moment.

In the long run it doesn't do much to ignore disappointments. If they repeat themselves constantly and remain uncommented, nothing can change. The compilation of Disappointment Proverbs takes into account many facets of the injuries that people cause one another. Honesty is considered essential in close relationships and partnerships, but diplomacy is also in demand. Which strategy someone prefers is a question of personality and life experience. It can be a sign of sovereignty to resort to a disappointment saying to express your displeasure.

So, it is better not to suppress and keep quiet about disappointment and frustration. Otherwise the impression could arise that a person is endlessly resilient and that everything can be expected of him. Recklessness, a lack of tact or baseness should be countered so that the "perpetrators" understand what they have done. Of course, intent also plays a role. Anyone who hatches a perfidious plan and pulls it through regardless of losses is probably immune to a subtle disappointment spell. Such machinations then have to be countered much more blatantly.

Pick appropriate disappointment sayings

In everyday professional and family life, a whole series of small and big disappointments happen every day. It is almost astonishing how quickly they subvert us and how they afflict us. As is well known, there are always setbacks in life, but interpersonal disappointments just don't stop. Even if those involved act with the very best of intentions, they are not immune to bitterness. If two people are fond of each other, this fact does not protect them from an occasional cold shower. If it is not talked about, the inner disenchantment increases and one day it may find its way completely unfiltered.

This is another reason why it is advisable to always have a few disappointment sayings on hand. The authors of these wise verses and quotes have created timeless wisdom that makes an impression. And it couldn't be better than for someone to see what they did to disappoint someone. Then he at least gets the chance to make amends for his behavior and to offer forgiveness. To a clever disappointment, someone usually responds more politely and creatively than to emotionally trumpeted accusations.

Of course, not every saying fits every occasion. Fortunately, the selection of disappointment sayings is so extensive that a suitable saying can be found for almost every occasion. In this way, forward-looking people prepare themselves for hurtful incidents. Others only care about inflammatory disappointment sayings when they are acutely suffering from an injury. When you are in a calm state of mind, you are likely to choose different sayings than when you are excited or upset. The compilation can be viewed at any time and offers suggestions for every taste and every situation.

Those who are familiar with ingenious sayings can also help others with them. Because often someone reacts carelessly or imprudently from the initial disappointment. But if he has a good saying including food for thought at hand, he is far better off and can gain respect more easily. After all, it is also a question of appreciation whether you can disappoint someone without thinking too much.

Own thoughts or proven disappointment sayings?

Quoting finished sayings is not a sign of laziness, but proof of perspective. Being able to defend yourself at the right moment is one of the most important qualities in life. The more confident someone reacts to disappointment, the more relaxed he / she becomes over time. But even being cool is not a one hundred percent protection against painful disappointments. In any case, not expecting a cold shower is not recommended. Disillusionment can occur every day and an authentic response is required. You should not wait longer than 24 hours for it to make the desired impression.

Anyone who expects someone else to be bitterly disappointed must be confronted with their actions. "Defend against the beginnings" is not the name of the game for nothing. If you just let things go, the next disappointment can be foreseen. Even if strong disappointment sayings allow adequate feedback, the frustration still has to be digested first. This can lead to serious alienation or at least noticeable disaffection for a while. Happy couples usually get along better with this than casual acquaintances or colleagues, but it can also be the other way around.

In any case, no one has to be embarrassed if they blow themselves with words that they did not come up with. On the contrary: A well-considered disappointment phrase probably attracts significantly more attention than unreflected reproaches and allegations. In addition, it is also about holding up the mirror to the culprit in order to relentlessly show him his wrongdoing.