A cleaning service can bring in fleas

Professional basic cleaning by a cleaning company

Basic cleaning is a cleaning of apartments or buildings that goes beyond the usual cleaning in its thoroughness. The degree of soiling, the condition of the equipment and the floors are taken into account and cleaning agents and cleaning equipment are coordinated.

Professional basic cleaning of houses, apartments, offices or business premises includes thorough cleaning of all rooms, including areas that are difficult to access, such as niches, corners or cracks.

All pieces of furniture that can be moved are moved to the side to guarantee complete cleaning. A basic cleaning or complete house cleaning by a cleaning company is recommended 2-3 times a year.

A thorough cleaning is also useful after moving in or moving, when changing tenants or doing manual work. Especially when cleaning Messi apartments or in the event of a pipe burst, it is advantageous for the tenant or owner to have the relevant premises cleaned by a cleaning company and a professional cleaner.

The cleaning of tile joints, which keeps the tiles hygienically clean, increases the value of an apartment and saves expensive renovation costs. With special devices and special cleaners that are not commercially available, floors become streak-free again and lose care films or other residues that have settled.

There are many reasons for a professional thorough cleaning

Most house or apartment owners do not have the appropriate cleaning agents or cleaning equipment that promise hygienic cleaning. It is therefore advisable to hire a professional cleaning company. Physically handicapped or elderly people also benefit from this service, as some jobs are too difficult or too time-consuming.

Heavy work such as the thorough cleaning of carpets is done by a cleaning company with professional equipment in the shortest possible time. Especially when guests arrive at short notice, when a party has brought disorder to the house or even at the weekend, it is important that a cleaning company can offer an appointment quickly and easily. Fast and uncomplicated booking procedures increase customer satisfaction as well as first-class cleaning agents and technology.

That brings you the professional basic cleaning

The advantage of professional thorough cleaning is that the client does not have to worry about anything. The cleaning company not only brings its specialist knowledge of materials and surfaces with it, but also all of its equipment. Special cleaning agents ensure cleanliness and shine in all rooms.

The services that a cleaning company offers for professional thorough cleaning range from cleaning windows, carpets and upholstered furniture in private households to complete office building cleaning for companies. Sensitive materials are treated with particular care so that the owners do not have to worry about their furniture or fittings.

Trained staff ensure that all surfaces are gently brought to a high gloss. Upholstery and carpets in particular should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis, as they are susceptible to mites and fleas. In the long run, mites and fleas can be harmful to your health and that's why you should pay particular attention to regular, professional cleaning.

Customer service

The way to a hygienically clean apartment, practice or office should be as simple and straightforward as possible. The customer should be able to book an appointment with a professional cleaning company as stress-free as possible. During the week there is of course a quick and professional phone call to a cleaning company.

Waiting loops or constant redirects tend to lead customers to abandon their plans. Especially at the weekend or in emergency situations, it is important for many customers to be able to make an appointment with the cleaning service quickly.

It would be best if you could commission a professional apartment or office cleaning service over the Internet.

Search masks are available for this, in which you can enter all information. Name, address, desired date, time and cleaning duration would be important information so that the relevant cleaning company can process the order. With verified and reputable cleaning companies, it is often not necessary for the house owner or client to be on site.

Front door keys can be deposited with neighbors, for example, so the client can spend the intended cleaning time sensibly without waiting for the cleaning to be completed. In this case, a payment method via PayPal or bank transfer to the cleaning company is recommended, in other cases you can also pay the cleaning staff in cash.

Activities that arise during a professional thorough cleaning

There are many activities involved in professional basic cleaning and these are included in the services of a cleaning company. The activities involved include:

  • Remove and clean the curtains and wall brackets
  • Remove moveable furnishings as well as carpets and cushions from the room and clean them thoroughly and hygienically
  • Remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings, walls and lamps
  • Clean windows, window frames, doors, door frames, radiators, sinks and fittings
  • Clean floors and sweeping strips
  • Put the furnishings back and align them according to the wishes of the customers
  • Clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Grout cleaning
  • Clean areas such as niches, corners and cracks