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Next week it will continue seamlessly with strong releases from i.a. Bad religion, the last album of the Viagra Boys (now also made for the “masses”) as well Frank Carter in various formats, the debut of Protomartyr was re-pressed, Vampire Weekend report back after six years, and the 93 & 94 albums were also released by Stereolab reissued. "Important" releases have already arrived this week, the new albums from Sunn O))) in the rust colored version (limited to 1100 pieces), also Fat Mike aka Cokie the clown, the AFM edition of the new Danko Jones Albums (the other version = early next week), King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, after ages a new album by Reigning sound to Jack Oblivian and Co. PS: At Dead moon comes the last load, if you still want it = now, because it will soon be over! PSS: the coming one Martyrdöd Album (release May 10th) is already on its way to us, the orange vinyl is limited to only 200 copies! One more thing is still possible: 30 years after their breakup, the legendary Boston, MA early hardcore band joins the band proletariat back! The vinyl is limited to 150 copies in colored vinyl! Coming at the end of June via Boss Tuneage!

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BARONESS - gold & gray LPx2col / LPx2 / CD
BLACKMOUNTAIN - destroyer LPcol / LP / CD
BUZZCOCKS - a different kind of tension LPcol + MP3 / LP + MP3 / CD
BUZZCOCKS - singles going steady LPcol + MP3 / LP + MP3 / CD
CALEXICO / IRONANDWINE - years to burn LP180grcol / LP180gr / CD
CJ RAMONE - the holy spell LP / CD
CLINIC - wheeltappers and shunters LPcol + MP3 / LP + MP3 / CD
D.O.A. - 1978 LPx2 / CD
DEFEATER - s / t LPcol / LP / CD
EARTH - full upon her burning lips LPx2col / LPx2 / CD
EAGLES OF DEATHMETAL - the best songs we never wrote LP / CD
ENTOMBED - live clandestine LPx2col / CD
FLYINGLOTUS - flamagra LPx2col + MP3 / LPx2 + MP3 / CD
GET UP KIDS - problems LPcol / LP / CD
HOTCHIP - a bath full of ecstasy LPx2col + MP3 / LPx2 + MP3 / CD
JOHNNYMOPED - lurrigate your mind LP / CD
KETTCAR - the sweet scent of contradiction 10inchcol
MACDEMARCO - here comes the cowboy LPcol / LP / CD
MARATHON MAN - fear sits next to you LPcol / LP / CD
MARTYRDÖD - hexhammaren LPcol / CD
NATIONAL - i am easy to find (clear vinyl indie exclusive) LPcol
NATIONAL - i am easy to find LPx3col / LPx2 / CD
NEBULA - holy shit LPcol / LP / CD
OIRO - historia dela musica rock LPcol / LP
PELICAN - nighttime storiesLPx2
PETROLGIRLS - cut & stitch LPcol / LP / CD
RACONTEURS - help us stranger LP / CD
SAINTVITUS - s / t (uk exclusive purple vinyl) LPcol
SEBADOH - act surprised LPcol / CD
SIGURROS - agaetis byrjun - a good beginning (20th anniv.) LPx2 + MP3 / CDx4
TORCHE - admissionLP / CD
VONSPAR - under pressure LP / CD
ZIGZAGS - they'll never take us alive LPcol / CD

New releases for the coming week
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited colored vinyl! Best of compilation, which contains the greatest hits of the punk rock band from Orange County, California, which formed in 1979 and was particularly successful due to their innovative combination of hardcore and surf rock elements. Since their first EP was also called Bloodstains, this comes full circle. The track listing includes the hit singles Bloodstains, Bite The Hand That Feeds, Everything Turns Gray, I Kill Spies etc. * Cleopatra
Release May 3rd, 2019 Five-piece San Antonio punk / hardcore purveyors position themselves as part of the punk resistance tradition; they started making ferocious, caustic and outspoken hardcore together in 2014, and their new album certainly pulls no punches. The band's music empowers individuals and communities and is about the non-linear progression of healing, the twisted ways abuse can linger in our psyche, and take control over the ways we navigate life. Vocalist Bianca Quinones confronts nihilism in her shrilling screams as she begins the record with a song that asks about the emptiness of life, the chaos and the tragedy. With its melodic instruments trucking alongside Quinones' powerful grasps for meaning in the violent hollowness of existence, the record encapsulates the deeply terrifying nature of living as a victim of rape and abuse. In classic Amygdala style, each song never stays in one genre, but slowly transitions from traditional melodic hardcore, to a heavier, sludgier, black-metal inspired punk whilst never losing true DIY hardcore roots.
Release May 3rd, 2019 Black LP with normal cover! Three years after "Four By Four", the Backyard Babies return for the band's 30th anniversary with their latest album! With a wonderfully organic sounding production, the band proves that they have definitely not lost any of their bite and the fantastic feeling for good songwriting in the three decades of the band's existence and with "Sliver & Gold" they are releasing an album that is even younger and more authentic acts as the predecessor! From the soulful ballad "Laugh Now Cry Later" to almost nostalgic hard rock anthems like "44 Undead", the tracklist leads the listener through the most intense album that Backyard Babies have ever produced. * Century Media
Release May 3rd, 2019 *** Limited indie pool version on clear vinyl. Since it was founded in 1980, Bad Religion have undisputedly stood for ideals such as humanism, reason and idealism. Qualities that are becoming more and more important in our time - the Age Of Unreason - as they aptly describe it, in which nationalism and bigotry are on the rise. On their album of the same name, they tirelessly deliver their message - as powerful as ever - a political and deeply personal treatise on everything they believe in. The songs on album number 17 (!) Are both furious and meticulously worked out. It covers racist rallies, Trump's election, the erosion of the middle class, Colin Kaepernick's protest, alternative facts, conspiracy theories and there are homages to literary and philosophical works that have long inspired the band. An explosive bundle wrapped in their typically melodic high-energy punk rock sound. * Epitaph
Release May 3rd, 2019 *** Limited colored vinyl! Great acoustic folk pop songwriting with elegant nooks and crannies and warming hugs. In every melody and every note of their 3rd album, the good band alchemy and connection is just as noticeable as the rural surroundings in the US state of Washington, where the album was recorded in the Bear Creek Studio in a converted barn. Plucked guitar lines, mostly kept in a minor key, bead around the drums and bass, while the voice of Adrienne Lenker with an emotionally wide-ranging power and dynamic between loud meets quiet and brokenness meets angelic self-confidence and ensnared with a mysterious expression - also because the lyrics by dSchatten and Act darkness. An album between meditation and quiet ecstasy. Music for daydreamers who don't want to wake up. * 4AD
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited sandstone-colored vinyl! The Finnish singer with his debut album on Big Crown Records. The New York City label is already home to bands like Lee Fields & The Expressions, The Shacks and El Michels Affair. Bobby was born in Helsinki and grew up in a family of musicians and artists. Luckily for Bobby, his parents had a large record collection with early jazz, blues, Motown hits, gospel choirs and doo-wop groups like The Drifters and The Clovers, but also albums from Brazil and Africa, folk songs from North and South America by Bobby's mother and salsa music from New York. All of these influences can be heard and felt in Bobby's music today. In Cuba he studied drums and singing intensively for months. With Cold Diamond & Mink, the house band of Timmion Records, consisting of band leader Jukka Sarapää, Sami Kantelinen and guitarist / composer Seppo Salmi, he forms a brilliant quartet with which he translates his vision into music. With their LoFi instrumentals, CD&M provide the perfect background for Bobby's smoky tenor voice that breaks and melts hearts. The title song "This Love", which was released as a 7 "single in 2016, has long since become a hit in lowrider circles and was sampled on" Hat Trick "by Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt buried bass and Bobby's subdued but intense vocals a must for soul collectors and has sold more than 3,000 copies than 7? The song "Your Love Is Too Cold" is a stomper who grooves the soul of early Motown pieces with guitar riffs mixes from a funk soundtrack by James Brown and is already very popular at soul parties around the world.Bobby has a lot in store for the dancers in the audience: Pieces like "Lonely Girl" and "Falling in Love" are nod to the Northern Soul, "Keep On Believing" delivers jazz-funk like from the seventies. But "This Love" is aimed primarily at ballad lovers who look longingly into the night with songs like "Alone Again", "Down On My Knees "and" Deja Vu "conjures up e r an intense, slightly profound sensuality. A unique variety of soul, made in Finland. * Big Crown
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited white vinyl! Enthusiastic, loud power pop from a four-piece girl band, who on their second album in an original way combine sugary, in our ears somewhat strange-sounding Lolita vocals with a mixture of synth rock and garage pop and garnish with Japanese lyrics. Self-confident statement without fear of surging, powerful synth sounds in a modern rebellion look against social constraints and adaptation. * Heavenly sweetness
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited red vinyl! Great collection of rare and unreleased songs by the British reggae band founded in 1967 by emigrated Jamaicans and one of the pioneering musical forces in London's burgeoning skinhead movement, which in turn came from the British reggae scene (before it was taken over by the far right movement ) emerged. * Cleopatra
Released May 3rd, 2019 * Post-punk trio from Leeds with a gaudy debut album, on which wiry post-punk is mixed with art-punk-extravaganza, no-wave-stoic and atonal noise-rock guitars in an unpredictable way. The bass provides the rumbling base within the often staggered and mutually shifted breakaway guitar riffs, as well as minimalistic and onomatopoeic elements as a stimulus for a sound that falls out of the ordinary, which also sets its peaks again and again through the wild saxophone playing of Chris Duffin. The band, founded in 2016, was most recently on stage with Metz, Ought, Buzzcocks and the Cribs. * Captured tracks
Released May 3rd, 2019 * Second big album by the alternative rock band after their reunification in 2012 with dreamy echoes of neo-psychedelia and sleepwalking security. Since they reunited in 2012, we have been experiencing what it means to find oneself. After the eventful 80ies phase of the band, from 1982 to 1988, exactly in the years of the dizzy-psychedelic climax of the Paisley Underground, with a constantly rotating line-up and their four albums (including the most famous "The Days of Wine and Roses" to this day) a long break during which the musicians devoted themselves to their various solo and band projects. Since the reunification there has been a new version of The Dream Syndicate, which stands for consistently high quality with a permanent cast and whose first release in the 21st century, "How Did I Find Myself Here" 2017, immediately caused general enthusiasm. With "These Times" the band continues their story, one digs deeper again, dares something - the way into a dreamy (in) reality. The album has a capricious feeling and a mercurial fickleness, a dreamily drifting alternative rock that knows itself to be anchored in its own tradition and yet is entirely dedicated to the present, for the here and now and These Times. *Anti
Released May 3rd, 2019 *** Dark green double vinyl in printed inner sleeves in a gatefold sleeve. Limited box set with slip-lid box (316 x 316 x 30 mm, UV glossy finish), with colored 2LP in gatefold, CD in sleeve pac, 1 Fat Bread Beanie (red wool cap, one size) with "Demotape" logo, 2 red condoms ( packed in a folded letter with album cover), 3 glossy postcards (4c) // New album! New year's resolution: finally fall in love again. Into the world, life, people. Admittedly: you want to like it, it and everyone, but it's difficult right now. Man is angry. Individuals and entire societies get lost in the dark. Friendships crumble and hearts break. Fat Bread have a dozen love songs written along such crevices and cracks in our worlds today. The three nose wise men can do something like that: which other local rap group carried protest songs about homophobia and misogyny ("gay girls") into the top ten? Disapproved of our lack of compassion over reports of mass exodus and assassinations ("On days like these")? Did you talk about the fatal overdose of cuddly drugs ("Let your fingers off e, Manuela")? Did all sex dolls dance to a rave bouncer about a new, medially forced impotence ("Bettina, please get some clothes")? The fact that the three beastly boys do not stab us in the eye with the outstretched index finger, but mercilessly tickle the super-optimized bodies, makes them indispensable court jesters in this digital dictatorship of the connected. Fat bread, so shouted an informed toad the other day, must now save the world! * Fat bread records
Release May 3rd, 2019 LP with gatefold cover! The 2nd album of the small supergroup around Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney), Peter Buck (REM, Tired Pony), Scott McCaughey (The Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5), Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks) and the new drummer Linda Pitmon (Bitchface) moves within a more versatile, refined staged indie rock look, which makes use of Americana, glam rock, power pop and earthy guitar rock, lyrically covers a range of sociopolitical topics and shows ecological awareness and the heart is in the right place wearing. * Kill Rock Stars
Release May 3rd, 2019 * New album! How big are the sleeves of Martin Bechler's pajamas? And what the hell can he shake out of there? These questions arise immediately after hearing "helmet off to prayer". Because this album sounds so casual and effortless, as if nothing was special at all. As if it were the easiest thing in the world to let your heart burn for pop, poetry and the out-of-the-way and thus light the fuse on the big wheel of feeling. And as if it were child's play to knock out a record that many people in this country are waiting for and that even more people urgently need. In contrast to the first two albums, "Helm ab zum Gebet" is not a solo effort, but the result of a joint effort. Paul Weißert on drums and Jenny Thiele on keyboard, synth and microphone have been making sure that Martin Bechler can concentrate on the really important things on stage for a long time: drinking wine. Escalate unshaven. The Maren in the third row ponder whether Jochen, who is wrapping around her belly from behind and yelling the lyrics far too loudly and far too wrongly in her ear, is really the right one. And now also on record, which ensures many great moments: Real beats from real drums, for example. Or when Jenny's singing almost hijacks the title track in the second verse and turns it into a poignant duet. And speaking of duets: Enno Bunger, a musical soul mate, sings along with "Die Umarmung der Magneten". Met at the festival, chatted a bit, liked directly, celebrated each other's music anyway and then hatched something - this is how cooperations are initiated in Cologne. Melancholic and euphoric. Loud and sensitive. The size of a universe and the size of a shot glass. All that and so much more is this record, which only lasts 37 minutes, but provides enough material to get you through the next few weeks and months. Helmet off? Hats off! And now dance, you pig! * Grand Hotel van Cleef
Release May 3rd, 2019 * Limited white vinyl version! Third album by the former Gallows front man and his rattlesnakes. The 12 new songs unmistakably continue on the path of their predecessor, show no fear of the proverbial edge of their plate and present themselves much more accessible than ever. Frank deliberately refrains from the rough HC attacks of his past. They give way to much more sophisticated songwriting, which receives indie rock and pop influences with open arms and provides them with its emotionally charged sensitivity. The album title could hardly be better chosen, as light-footed as the pieces dance over the grooves and the melodies cling to their feet. Mr. Carter makes no compromises, he goes his own way and is still more punk than too many of his competitors. * International Death Cult
Release May 3rd, 2019 *** Limited splattered vinyl version! Third album by the former Gallows front man and his rattlesnakes.The 12 new songs unmistakably continue on the path of their predecessor, show no fear of the proverbial edge of their plate and present themselves much more accessible than ever. Frank deliberately refrains from the rough HC attacks of his past. They give way to much more sophisticated songwriting, which receives indie rock and pop influences with open arms and provides them with its emotionally charged sensitivity. The album title could hardly be better chosen, as light-footed as the pieces dance over the grooves and the melodies cling to their feet. Mr. Carter makes no compromises, he goes his own way and is still more punk than too many of his competitors. * International Death Cult
Release May 3rd, 2019 The new work by the Mouse on Mars half was originally commissioned for the Documenta and broadcast as part of the documenta 14 radio broadcast. St. Werner tries to transcribe the phenomenon of sound as anarchic and highly sensitive material. In his multi-layered presentation of the project, the possibilities are shown how sound and music can change depending on the context. With live guitar by Aaron Dessner and studio guitar by Bryce Dessner from The National. * Thrill Jockey
Released May 3rd, 2019 Years before she toured the world with Alicia Keys, wrote songs with John Legend, celebrated Southern rhythm and blues with Muddy Magnolias and started a solo career with "Phase" in 2019, she heard the music of Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield , Lauryn Hill and Biggie Smalls on the radio. It was a mix of soul and hip-hop. After moving to Nashville, she discovered her love for rock & roll, blues and roots music. These influences come together in "Phase", the first release as a solo artist, the Grammy-nominated songwriter. Written and recorded with producer Patrick Carney (drummer for the Black Keys). It's a modern album, rooted in everything the old did well: the R&B tunes of the late 1960s and 70s; the pulsating grooves of hip hop; Curtis Mayfield; the fuzz guitar, inspired by the creme de la creme of pyschedelic rock; the irresistible versatility of artists like the Beatles. * Thirty Tigers
VÖ 03.05.2019 * A compilation put together by Nick Dwyer and Kode9 of pioneering and rare Japanese video game music from the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, from Sonar Festival in Barcelona to Liquid Rooms in Tokyo, Kode9 has been touring a live audio-visual set in collaboration with visuals from anime legend Koji Morimoto, who also designed the artwork for the original compilation. Finally, on this first new Kode9 EP since 2014, a handful of these remixes see the light of day. 9 rivets his 80 / 160bpm rhythms onto these classic 8bit and 16bit melodies, re-animating the Steve Reich-ian arpeggios of Soshi Hosoi, the grimelike horn fanfares of Yuzo Koshiro, the sour pads of Koichi Ishaibashi, and pitching Tadahiro Nitta down into a slow building, frantic low end grind. Sleeved in artwork by Konx-om-Pax, adapted from the visuals from the live A / V performance. * Hyperdub
Released May 3rd, 2019 * The first L7 album in 20 years will be released on Joan Jett's label! It embodies everything that made the band so iconic in the first place - the distortion-heavy riffs and headbanging rhythms, sludgy grooves and indelible melodies. And in their lyrics, L7 achieve a direct transmission of raw feeling, often spiked with biting commentary on the chaos of the world today. * Blackheart
Release May 3rd, 2019 Hardcover, 384 pages, language: German. The best book on the greatest festival of all time. Now finally in German. Woodstock 1969: a milestone in music history. No book describes the unique atmosphere better than this New York Times bestseller. Michael Lang, then organizer of the festival, proves to be a humorous, intelligent narrator who captures the magic of Woodstock wonderfully. His factual report also relentlessly shows the sometimes bitter reality behind the scenes. *Noble
Release May 3rd, 2019 12 years after the last part, the pop punks are continuing their series in which they cover well-known and popular film songs / soundtracks in their sound, this time songs from "Back to the Future" ("The power of love ")," Rocky III "(" Eye of the tiger "to be precise)," Shrek "," Twilight "etc., a total of 7 songs, some with some illustrious guests; Vinyl limited to 700 copies worldwide * Hopeless.
Released May 3rd, 2019 * The freak wave band around the Lippok brothers (later To Rococo Rot, Tarwater) emerged from the first East Berlin punk band Rosa Extra and from the avant wave project Five Weeks in the Ballon. From its inception, O&V can be traced as a source in many main and side arms of the East Berlin underground. Bands such as Aufruhr zur Liebe or band projects such as Corp Cruid, The Local Moon and Bleibeil emerged in the environment or from collaboration with a band that functioned like an open house in the closed GDR asylum. In 1995, the two bands and long-term experiments To Rococo Rot and Tarwater formed from the tried and tested structures of the 80s by following a pattern without copying it. After the GDR infarct in 1989, the Ornament & Verbrechen project continued to glow, sparked new ideas and continues to flare up to this day. The tapetopia series uses the original layout and the original tracklists to publish cassette editions from the GDR underground of the 1980s, especially from the walled city scene in East Berlin. More than three decades after their first "release", these tapes have not yet been heard on vinyl or on CD, but they were noticeably involved in the canon of the GDR subculture. In contradiction to the small editions of the time, many of the bands were considered cult in countercultural circles, but highly suspicious in informed circles. tapetopia is published by Henryk Gericke. * Play Loud
Release May 3rd, 2019 Box with 3 LPs, large 12-page booklet plus slipmat, created together with the band, exclusively for this pressing! The official vinyl edition of the extravagant compilation of singles, split records, cover versions, etc. by the traditional Doom Metal torchbearers Reverend Bizarre. * Svart
Released May 3rd, 2019 The legendary metal heroes from Cleveland have been on the road as a band for 30 years. With their 8th studio album, Ringworm rise to a whole new level of musical hostility over 35 minutes and 11 tracks of limitless metal / punk / hardcore aggression. Tracks like "Let it Burn", "Acquiesce" or the explosive title track unleash the instinctive urgency of ringworm and thus create one of the most chaotic albums in the band's history. "Death Becomes My Voice" was recorded at Mercenary Studios & Spider Studios and mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, Cannabis Corpse) and later in Audiosiege Studio in Portland, where Obituary, Integrity, Full of Hell, Iron Reagan have already worked have mastered. * Relapse
Release May 3rd, 2019 Remarkably original debut EP of the 21-year-old singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Atlanta for the Chicago Thrill Jockey label. Sequoyah attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin in 2018, where techno pioneer Mike Banks from Underground Resistance took him under his wing in sessions as a mentor. For his self-produced EP he received support from James Ginzburg (Empstyset, Ginz, Bleed Turquoise) and from David Corney for the mix. He was inspired by the East African music of his father, who was active as a percussionist, the falsetto singing of his mother and the music of Arthur Russell. * Thrill jockey
Release May 3rd, 2019 * Gold-colored vinyl! Compilation with songs from his last two solo albums Forever (1992) and Everyman (1994) as well as six previously unreleased pieces and including the cover version of the Scott Walker classic "Duchess". // "Simon Bonney is to me one of the greatest artists of our time. His lyrics, melodies, phrasing and songs are beautiful, mysterious, powerful and lovely. His records have been a constant inspiration and companion to me for years and years. One of my favorite singers ever. Thank god he's back. " - Mark Lanegan * Mute
Released May 3rd, 2019 Limited, remastered clear vinyl reissue with gatefold cover of the third album originally released in 1994, including 24 "folding posters and bonus tracks (demos, outtakes and alternative mixes). With this album, Stereolab began their experimental tendencies in their typical style A sophisticated coolness and catchiness helped them to win new fans. One of their most accessible albums, which promoted them to the pool position of the hottest underground rock band of the time. "Mars Audiac Quintet" not only features gentler textures than any of its predecessors, but also more upbeat and hooky songs such as "Ping Pong" (the first Stereolab song to receive widespread video and alt radio airplay) and "L'Enfer Des Formes," not to mention groove-dominated tracks like "Outer Accelerator "and" Transona Five. "The album is layered with a sensual and beguiling vibe, bringing the allure of lead vocalist Laetitia Sadier to the forefront. The hints of exotica a nd lounge music on "Transient Random-Noise Burst With Announcements" are now fully explored on the mellow, marimba-driven album closer “Fiery Yellow” (featuring major contributions from The High Llamas ’Sean O’Hagan). The bubblegum pop of “Wow and Flutter” exhibits the earliest example of the band’s Krautrock stylings being overpowered by an ingratiating melody. Mars Audiac Quintet is one of Stereolab’s most complete attempts at bridging experimental rock and retro-pop. Future releases were at times more cerebral or more poppy, but rarely again were the two simultaneously so perfectly realized. "* Duophonic / Warp
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited remastered clear vinyl repress with hinged cover in a clear heavyweight PVC outer shell of the original 1993 album on Duophonic / Warp! Includes a 24 "folding poster and a year-end scratch card for an exclusive Stereolab record and unreleased bonus material from demos, outtakes and alternative mixes. Original 1993 album based on the early promises of" Switched on "and" Bang! "builds up with a distinctive mix of Krautrock grooves, distorted vintage keyboard noise and Euro-Pop, plus touches with 50s and 60s easy listening, exotic and space-age sounds as well as some samba and French pop. Among the highlights Heard the leading and flowing opener "Tone Burst" with layers of shimmering analog synthesizers, trance-induced rhythm guitar and a balancing motor beat. The 18-minute "Jenny Ondioline" mesmerizes over 18 minutes. Eclectic and experimental album. * Duophonic / Warp
Release May 3rd, 2019 500 copies 180g silver vinyl! Repress of the 2016 album! The Stockholm-based band Svartanatt cultivates a classic, timeless sound that can be traced back to the sixties and seventies. Well-hung vintage rock with two-part guitars and nice smoky-soulful vocals by frontman Jani Lehtinens, which lay over organ-heavy, heavy guitar songs. Overall, it reminds me of The Devils Blood vs. Witchcraft ... * The Sign
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited Loser Edition on colored vinyl! The splendid new fourth album is their first for Hardly Art / Sub Pop and heralds a new, more poppy, colorful and boisterous direction in their sound. Tacocat's fourth full-length and first on Sub Pop, finds the Seattle band waking up the morning after the 2016 election and figuring out how to respond to a new reality where evil isn't hiding under the surface at all_it's front and center, with new tragedies and civil rights assaults filling up the scroll of the newsfeed every day. "What a time to be barely alive," laments "Crystal Ball," a gem that examines the more intimate side of responding emotionally to the news cycle. How do you keep fighting when all you want to do is stay in bed all day? "Stupid computer stupor / Oh my kingdom for some better ads," Nokes sings, throwing in some classic Tacocat snark, "Truth spread so thin / It stops existing." Despite current realities being depressing enough to make anyone want to crawl under the covers and sleep for a thousand years, Tacocat are doing what they've always done so well: mingling brightness, energy, and hope with political critique. This Mess is a Place is charged with a hopefulness that stands in stark contrast to music that celebrates apathy, despair, and numbness. Tacocat feels it all and cares, a lot, whether they're singing odes to the magical connections we feel with our pets ("Little Friend"), imagining what a better earth might look like ("New World"), or trying to find humor in a wholly unfunny world ("The Joke of Life"). It's a delightfully cathartic moment and the cornerstone of the record when they exclaim, in "Grains of Salt:" "Don't forget to remember who the fuck you are!" Producer Erik Blood (who also produced Lost Time) brings the band into their full pop potential but still preserves what makes Tacocat so special: they're four friends who met as young punks and have grown together into a truly collaborative band. Says Nokes: "We can examine some hard stuff, make fun of some evil stuff, feel some soft feelings, feel some rage feelings, feel some bitter-ass feelings, sift through memories, feel wavy-existential, and still go get a banana daiquiri at the end. " _Robin Edwards * Sub Pop
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited colored vinyl! Second album by the quintet around lead singer, rapper and spoken word icon Tarriona "Tank" Ball, which debuted in 2013 with "Think Tank". To capture their visions for the album, Tank and the Bangas asked renowned producers Jack Splash, Mark Batson, Zaytoven, Louie Lastic and Robert Glasper into the studio. 'Green Balloon' is a sister of 'Think Tank', "says Tarriona Ball." 'Think Tank' was 12 and 'Green Balloon' is 16 and has sex. It's out there somewhere right now. "This is good news for the fans as this album is an irresistible mix of hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul, R&B and slam poetry. Not just the tracks, but the visuals too Works by the band are brimming with ingenuity. * Verve
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited colored vinyl repression! The cover and title of the record made me fear bad things, so I was amazed at what came out of the speakers. Instead of Metalcore, the guys from Chicago play pure Celtic-Punk brands Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphy's. The Tosser have, how could it be otherwise, roots on the British Isles, more precisely they are Irish. The instrumentation, with such beautiful instruments as banjo, mandolin or accordion, quickly reveals their influence, which lies somewhere with the Pogues. Again Victory Records surprise us with one of their releases. No worse than the originals, The Tossers fans should appeal to the bands mentioned above * Victory.
Release May 3rd, 2019 * The compilation documents Japan's musical explosion into the stratosphere. In the 1960s, the nation achieved a post-war miracle and Japan rose to become the second largest economy in the world. Booming tech exports like portable cassette players, sparkling video games, and shiny cars boomed around the world, pumping Japanese pockets of yen. The financial boom in Japan penetrated popular culture and gave birth to city pop. This new sound emerged in the mid-1970s and dragged through the 1980s, channeling the country's contemporary psyche. It was sophisticated music that reflected Japan's prosperity and provided a soundtrack for aspiring urbanists. City Pop embodies this era. "Pacific Breeze" is an expertly put together collection of selected songs ranging from silky, smooth easy listening grooves to innovative techno-pop bangers and everything in between. This music has never been released outside of Japan with It includes key artists such as Taeko Ohnuki and Minako Yoshida, Haruomi Hosono and Shigeru Suzuki, as well as cult favorites Hitomi Tohyama and Hiroshi Sato and many others. This long-awaited release also includes newly commissioned cover paintings by Tokyo-based artist Hiroshi Nagai, his iconic Images of resort life can be found on the covers of many classic City Pop albums from the 1980s, with many of the most important city pop protagonists coming from the Japanese new music scene of the early 1970s, such as Light In The Attic's acclaimed Even a Tree Can Shed Tears - Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973 "Compilation, the first release of the ongoing Japan Ar chival series, shows. "Pacific Breeze" now brings together some of the best city pop pieces: exciting easy listening with mutated exotic, overturned techno-pop and steamy boogie that simmers under the neon glow. * Light in the Attic
Release May 3rd, 2019 Limited colored vinyl (pink) as 180g double vinyl in gatefold with liner notes and MP3 download code for the RSD. From May 3rd then on black 180g vinyl with gatefold cover! The perfect soundtrack for the very first “French Kiss” as the sun rises over the Seine. Songs to relax or fall in love with, songs to dance or dream, including three previously unreleased and exclusive edits / remixes! NEO is the next chapter in the well-known and popular compilation series from radio and television. For DJ Supermarket it was time to discover new, modern sounds, the relaxed, reclined sound of the present. With Too Slow to Disco NEO - En France we soften everything casually and elegantly through the exciting capital - the place with the certain erotic and above all pop! The compilation contains 17 tracks - some of them unreleased and exclusive to this compilation.Among others with the godparents and grandsigneurs: the legendary Bertrand Burgalat, head of the Tricatel label, musician, composer, arranger, producer and the electro-disco magician Yuksek, who also runs a label, the infamous Partyfine label. All the others are children in the spirit of Michel Legrand, Les Jeunes Gens Moderenes and the French touch. They try to fuse Debussy with a disco beat, they all have that sad melancholy that you can only find in the French streets, they sing in their mother tongue or in English - self-confident and charming as they are. They are boys and girls, duos (Bleu Toucan, Poom or Weekend Affair), bands (L'Impératrice, Cléa Vincent and their friends), collectives (Catastrophe) or solo artists (Jean Tonique, Lomboy, Magnu¨m, Saint DX ), they mix sugary melodies with Gainsbourg bass lines, electro arrangements and sensual grooves. There are funky guitars and - as always with TSTD - far too many saxophones (it sounds like Duran Duran's “Rio”), slap bass lines and a couple of vocoders for autotune with a wink. * How do you are?