How do I grow old gracefully

The bestseller: Cosmic Aging: A self-experiment according to Kubitschek

It was not easy. The cold showers with chakra activation still worked. The coconut oil was worse on an empty stomach. (This is the frying fat-like stuff that our grandmother swore by in the fight against ticks. Outwardly!) You can't get rid of the bad taste so quickly. At least not with the hot water and the little lemon juice. The coconut oil even showed through in green tea, which incidentally was no substitute for a nice cup of coffee in the morning, which in turn was lost because of the illegal milk. But if you want to grow older gracefully, you just have to leave out the milk once and for all. Anyone who drinks milk could just as easily start smoking, in terms of calcium deprivation there is no difference at all between a glass of milk and a box of cigarettes, only that milk is more insidious because it looks so healthy on the outside that you don't necessarily say about a cigarette can.

But we digress. If you want to grow older gracefully, you have to get up with the chickens, because otherwise the workload will not be possible at all. Brush massage, facial acupressure, morning prayer, meditation with the Divine Mother - two and a half hours minimum! And in the evening, after the job, you should also plan an hour or two. After the great body awareness, it can happen that you doze off in the relaxation bath or miss the protective meditation when the Archangel Gabriel turns on the cosmic headlight. Which, in turn, is of some significance, because if the headlight doesn't work, the neighborhood is also, so to speak, in the dark. The cosmic forces that are mobilized through protective meditation can namely illuminate the environment at the same time. In the best case, even the whole city. Oh what, the whole world. "Try it. The world needs it. "

Says Ruth Maria Kubitschek. Germany's most famous age euphoric who landed other bestsellers before “getting older gracefully”. For example about “The Whispering Pans”. Or about "angels, elves, earth spirits". By the way, the actress stiffly claims not to be an esoteric. Although she is convinced that the purple fire is a smart substance and that a car can run without gas. (Has experienced Kubitschek himself in India.)

For non-old-age suphorics who are also not blessed with Kubitschek's sensational genes - Ruth Maria Kubitschek is 82 years old and allegedly has never seen the inside of a plastic surgery clinic! - the matter is of course depressing. Anyone who looks like Ruth Maria Kubitschek has easy talk. Because “graceful means that you mustn't let yourself go, it involves discipline and honesty towards yourself. What is over is over, you shouldn't cry for it. ”On the other hand, it is probably also much easier to gracefully grow older if you don't have to worry about material issues, but not everyone has a multimillionaire in the Bahamas who can help him - “Cosmic Reward!” - bequeathed a large sum of money.

Nevertheless, it is definitely not Ms. Kubitschek's fault that the fourteen-day self-experiment - started in the pre-age-suphoric state - ended very disappointingly. A survey of friends showed that there was no external improvement. On the contrary. They pityingly inquired about the cause of the unsightly dark circles.