How can I eat clean

Table manners: this is how your child learns to eat

Does the child have to empty his plate?

There is now general consensus not to force a child to eat - that disturbs the natural feeling of satiety. But how does the child learn not to overburden himself? "Parents can advise them to only take as much as they can eat," says von Cramm. "You can also explain to him that it is inconsiderate towards others to charge a lot." As a consequence, the nutritionist advises older children to put the half-empty plate in the refrigerator after repeated admonitions and to serve it again for dinner.

What if the little one doesn't like something?

"Studies have shown that children have to try new foods up to fourteen times before they like them," says von Cramm. An important rule is therefore: the child has to try something first. "I don't like" from the outset does not apply. This also helps with the formation of the taste. Parents can motivate their child to try new things by rewarding them for doing so. "In one study, for example, stickers were very effective," says the expert. The reward shouldn't be something edible - sweets, for example, are not suitable. "You can learn a lot from the food industry," says von Cramm. "They not only have small free gifts, but also tell stories about their products, for example."