Are all waitresses also waiters

Profession waiter / waitress

Restaurant professionals take orders, serve food and drinks to guests, create invoices and process payments in dining establishments, e.g. B. restaurants, hotels and clubs.

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Personality type

Waiter / waitress duties

  • Prepare tables, e.g. B. with clean tablecloths, cutlery, dishes and glasses.
  • Greet guests and offer them seats and give them the menus.
  • Inform guests about daily specials, answer questions about the menu and give recommendations on request.
  • Take food and drink orders from guests.
  • Memorize, write down or enter customer orders in computers and pass the orders on to the kitchen and bar staff.
  • Serving food and drinks to guests.
  • Prepare or serve special dishes at the table as requested.
  • Ask the guests whether they are satisfied and deal with any problems.
  • Create invoices, present them to guests and process cash or credit payments.
  • Prepare the restaurant for special occasions (e.g. weddings) by preparing tables, chairs, glasses, etc.
  • Clearing and cleaning tables and counters, e.g. B. by carrying plates, glasses and cutlery into the kitchen for washing up.

Related professions service worker

  • Bartender
  • Service force in the restaurant
  • Service staff, without a restaurant
  • Counter power cafeteria, canteen
  • Counter force in cafĂ© / bistro
  • Foreman service staff meals


  • Religious and cultural food and allergy regulations
  • Food and drinks on the menu
  • Alcoholic drinks


  • Maintain relationships with customers
  • Greet restaurant guests
  • Support customers with special requirements
  • Offering customers assistance
  • Prepare the restaurant for operation
  • Take food and drink orders from customers
  • Clean surfaces
  • Prepare hot drinks
  • Check the cleanliness of the dining room
  • Serve drinks
  • Serve wines
  • Evaluate customer feedback
  • Take payments for invoices
  • Serving food at the table
  • Pay attention to the details of food and beverages
  • Work in a team in the hospitality industry
  • Process payments
  • Comply with personal hygiene regulations
  • Prepare alcoholic beverages
  • Advise guests about menus for special occasions and events
  • Comply with health, safety, hygiene and other important legal regulations relating to food
  • Monitor food quality
  • Look after VIP guests
  • Introduce menus
  • Identify customer needs
  • Maintain customer care
  • set the tables

Possible knowledge and skills

decanting wines preparing flambé dishes using tools for cutting food wines knowing the recommendations of the local and regional tourism industry recognizing drug and alcohol abuse records of event reports storing waste disposal of customers about the selection of coffee and tea advisory services for the serving of alcoholic beverages in the form of serving alcoholic drinks and preparing hotel trolleys to inform hotel customers about tea reservations
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