How do flatbread and pizza differ?

What is the difference between bread dough and pizza dough?

As someone who has experimented with different dough recipes and cooking techniques for pizza for the past three to four years, I can tell you that you can definitely use bread dough for pizza.

What to keep in mind is that pizza dough recipes vary widely - some are "no dough" dough where you mix the ingredients together and leave them without kneading, others require eggs to be included in the dough, some go in an hour, some rise for 5 days, the hydration of the doughs varies greatly ...

One of the main differences seems to me to be that the different types of dough are suitable for different cooking methods. Some doughs are good to be stretched super thin and to cook for a very short time (~ 5 minutes) on very high heat (400 ° C), others are suitable for thicker bases and slower cooking, some are best suited to Deep pan cooking methods in which you oil a pan and more or less fry the bottom in the pan. For what it's worth, I would say in general (and I can only speak in general) that the more "breaded" doughs work better in a deep pan situation when cooked in oil than, for example, when cooked in oil. B. directly on a pizza stone.

The main thing you will find is that you can get decent pizza out of most types of dough, but you will have to experiment with how to prepare and cook the dough to get the most out of it. In addition, a certain type of dough may not match your idea of ​​"good pizza". Chances are, whatever you come up with is someone's idea of ​​good pizza. In my opinion, it takes a relatively moist batter, a very hot oven, and a quick cook time to get a really good pizza with a crispy but chewy base, but that's just my opinion and my favorite pizza. The best thing you can do is try.


Pizza dough with eggs? Do you make pasta or pizza ?!


Good yes. I've never personally used eggs in my batter, but some people swear by them.