Are baseball players athletes

If you look at a drawing and have trouble identifying a clear structure with all the lines, blobs and dots, you can first concentrate on those things that cannot be seen. That also helps with the latest doping scandal that is currently shaking American sport. The picture shows: prominent baseball players like Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrara and Nelson Cruz. The doctor Anthony Bosch, who is said to have treated her with prohibited substances. Documents that prove the connection between the doctor and the athlete. In addition, statements from attorneys who deny these connections.

What is missing so far: A statement from the employers - i.e. the club - that they believe their athletes. That they will support them in the fight against the allegations. Cycling teams, football clubs and entire sports associations often succumb to the reflex to stand behind their employees when they are confronted with allegations. In this case, however, the New York Yankees have issued a statement without even mentioning their player Alex Rodriguez: "We support the joint program (...) For the prevention and treatment of drugs. From our side there is no comment until the Investigation is complete. "

From this statement one can probably read that the Yankees no longer believe Rodriguez - the exceptional baseball player on whom they forced the best-endowed contract in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2007: a salary of 275 million US dollars for ten seasons. The MLB also did not present any support on Tuesday: "We are always very disappointed when we learn of potential connections between athletes and the use of performance-enhancing agents."

37-year-old Alex Rodriguez is one of the best-known and most distinguished athletes in the USA: three times most valuable player of the season, 14 times in the All-Star team, in 2009 he won the championship with the Yankees. In addition: affairs with Madonna, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. One whose photo children hang in their rooms as posters. But now the glamorous facade is crumbling. The newspaper Miami New Times published documents on Tuesday and put them on its website that are supposed to prove a connection between six prominent baseball professionals, among them Rodriguez, and the alleged doping doctor Anthony Bosch. In a way, it's the East Coast version of the 2003 Balco scandal: Back then, athletes like Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and Dwain Chambers were identified as clients of a Californian laboratory.

Anthony Bosch ran a (now closed) clinic in Florida, which he first did Biokem and then Biogenesis who specialized in helping people who have had issues with aging and bedroom performance. In this anti-aging institute, Bosch apparently also helped athletes who had problems with muscle growth and performance on the field. The names are noted on handwritten notes that are assigned to him: Melky Cabrera (Toronto), Bartolo Colon (Oakland) and Yasmani Grandal (San Diego) were previously convicted as dopers. For Rodriguez, Gio Gonzales (Washington) and Nelson Cruz (Texas) the tests have so far been negative.