Reservation in India is bad

INDIA AND THE BOX MANAGEMENT : Dispute over university place reservations for the "untouchables"

Officially, India has been a secular state since independence. But the caste system still shapes society today. According to Hindu ideas, every Hindu with his caste is assigned his profession and place in society at birth. How important this is also for modern India can be seen on websites like Millions of Indians are looking for a spouse in the right caste for their daughters and sons.

The government wants to prevent discrimination by reserving places for low caste in public institutions. At universities, 22.5 percent of the places have been kept free for the “untouchables” - that is, Indians of the lowest castes. Another 27 percent are to be reserved for other disadvantaged castes in the future. The universities are protesting: Almost half of the places are too much to be allocated based on social criteria alone. So far the protests have been unsuccessful.

Is the caste system still a hurdle for India on the way to a dynamic knowledge society, because social progress is actually not intended? Opponents of the thesis point to a new middle class that feeds on the untouchables and that has asserted itself in the business life of cities. Others say: Only when India has overcome the caste system can the country catch up with the West. tiw

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