Why is an improved due diligence EDD important

Environmental due diligence

With the increasing importance of sustainability and compliance with high environmental standards, the EDD is also becoming more and more important. Supported by our local experts and from the global sustainability network, we also offer this service, ideally in combination with other due diligence services.

Environmental Due Diligence Services support decision-making in M&A processes by providing buyers with the information they need, particularly about existing risks and potential obligations related to the accurate appraisal of the assets. In this context, the influence of disregarding sustainability standards and (internal company) regulations in connection with environmental protection and company health and safety management is often underestimated.

As part of the environmental due diligence, we combine an analysis of compliance with relevant standards with those for operational health and safety management and offer the following services, among others:

  • Preparatory steps for analysis (research in public sources, information requests, analysis of relevant company documents)
  • Site visits (headquarters and production sites, interviews with those responsible for the relevant work areas)
  • Examination of compliance with legal norms as well as identification and assessment of risks
  • Creation of a report of results

We have a broad horizon of experience in the development of such EDDs, including a subsequent adjustment of the corresponding business processes and roles and responsibilities as well as the development of necessary supporting company documents.