What are you proud of


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Hello my dear ones! 🙂
Can you still remember our #Betterforit series with Margot vs. Lily? The last two episodes are out now. The penultimate episode is right there with me and, as always, there is the next and last episode on Diana to see. 🙂

How have you been in the last few weeks? Have you tried to challenge yourselves more? I told you, among other things, that I boxed for the first time and since then I have been attending boxing training regularly! I'm totally knocked out every time. after training and initially struggled with sore muscles, but IT'S SO MUCH FUN !! What if I never dared? What if I never went? Then I would really be missing something. 🙂


Get out of the comfort zone - a new habit

Yeah, I've been talking so much about habits lately. But this is exactly how we can change our life for the better! I've got used to slipping out of my comfort zone again and again and dare to do new things that I'm terrified of! Getting inspiration from blog posts and books is great, but ultimately you have to we ourselves take a new step and take us even face the uncomfortable feelingso that we can develop further.

I was incredibly nervous every time I clicked publish on my blog posts! “What will people think?” “What if I've made an incredible number of spelling mistakes?” - My thoughts were suddenly public. Anyone can read it. This can make me vulnerable. People can start talking. This could happen. That could happen. Yes, if I only focus on the negative, then I will pay more attention to it and look almost specifically for negative comments. Negative thoughts can keep us from doing great things and eat us away inside.


Or I just dare! I didn't start the blog for no reason. I want that! I like to share something with the world! Yes i was scared. After 3 years I have published over 1100 posts. That's over 3,000 hours that I've invested in writing alone and I have so much fun! What if my own thoughts stopped me then? What if I listened to the pessimistic voices inside of me? My life would look completely different. I would be a different person. I wouldn't be where I am today. 🙂

I'm still scared, but in different situations. We are all scared! So what's the difference between some people facing fear and doing their thing anyway and others not?

The feeling of NOT doing it annoys me even more than the feeling of fear. I have nothing to lose, I'll just give it a try!

Become an action taker

When I see a chance where I can do something that I wanted to do for a long time but never did (because I was scared), THEN I take it! It's scary at first. Very scary, because as a beginner you often have no idea what you are getting into and you are afraid of the mistakes. But we are all human and we all make mistakes. If my old German teacher read my 1,100 blog posts, I'm sure that he would find a lot of mistakes. But hand on heart: If the spell checker isn't out, how many people actually complain about it in the end?

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you either"


What are you proud of

Far too often we struggle with cramped ambition and always want more and more. I was like that too. In the meantime I take a step back and calmly take a look at what I have actually already achieved. No matter what. Every day in the evening I think to myself: “Klara, what was particularly good today?” And then I send a friend of mine 3 points that were good today. Even if the day was so bad, I HAVE to find 3 things and you ALWAYS find something. Be it a good conversation with my best friend, a leisurely walk and valuable time with grandma, a new blog post or I finally made that phone call, which I've been afraid of for so long. We all do great things. Only we forget about it and only see what we do stillNOT have made it. What have you been working on in the last 6 weeks that you are particularly proud of?

I am proud:

  • That it was the first time I spoke in front of many (strangers) people.
  • That I have revised my free ebook and published it here.
  • That I got to know new people who inspire and motivate me. 🙂
  • That I work on my own personality every day and try to become a better person.
  • That I've made meditation a habit.
  • That I was able to learn through my own mistakes, that I was able to grow and that I can now help others through the knowledge I have gained.

Of course I also have my love Diana asked what she is proud of: “I am proud that I finally dared to undress and that I have already learned so much about myself in these weeks. I'm proud and happy with the direction in which my blog is developing and that's why everything is great outside of my comfort zone! " 🙂


What are you proud of Think about it, write it in the comments or send me an email! It has a lot more impact when you share it with others! 🙂


But now to the penultimate Margot vs. Lily episode. I've already seen both and can only tell you that it will be exciting. But just see for yourself. I can only reveal so much that everything will take a surprising turn and that Margot and Lily will find out some things that they would not have known if they had not dared new things! And do you know who has a guest appearance? I mentioned this Olympic champion and athlete before in this series. Where are the loyal readers who can guess who it will be? :-))))


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