Who is the richest woman in Africa

Isabel dos Santos : Is Africa's Richest Woman a Scam?

Your words sound like something out of a guidebook. "If you work hard and are determined, you will be able to do it."

Isabel dos Santos likes to be quoted with sentences like this. The qualified electrical engineer appears at business summits and spreads her message in internet videos - always flawlessly made up, elegantly dressed and with a happy smile.

An image with clear cracks

Her fortune is estimated at more than two billion US dollars, the 46-year-old entrepreneur is considered the richest woman in Africa. She generated all of this herself, emphasizes the eldest daughter of the Angolan ex-president José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled the country autocratically for almost 40 years until 2017.

But her image as the first African self-made billionaire has clearly cracked.

Isabel dos Santos is under serious suspicion of corruption. She is said to have ruthlessly exploited her oil-rich homeland Angola, in which a third of the nearly 30 million inhabitants have to get by on less than two dollars a day - with the help of an opaque network of around 400 companies worldwide. She is also said to have done business with a subsidiary of the German Reconstruction Loan Corporation.

Overall, the allegations range from the embezzlement of state funds to nepotism. During her father's tenure, dos Santos is said to have received lucrative government contracts and got entangled in dubious oil and diamond deals. She denies all of this.

Under the catchphrase "Luanda Leaks", the scandal is now making headlines around the world - also because the connections extend far into the banking and business districts of western capitals. Dos Santos ’accomplices are sitting here: bankers, notaries, real estate dealers. You have courted dos Santos and her husband, the Congolese art collector and entrepreneur Sindika Dokolo, for years. Ever since the two threw a four million dollar wedding celebration in Luanda in 2003, the couple have been regular guests at celebrity parties all over the world.

However, your luxury life could soon be over. The attorney general has frozen dos Santos ’assets and is investigating the billionaire. However, she is demonstratively calm - and continues to spread slogans on Twitter like from the guidebook: "The road is long, the truth will prevail."

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