What is your main wish

What is your greatest wish in life This video shows what really matters in life

This video ensures that we have a huge lump in our throats. It shows what desires people of different ages have. From self-employment to a trip around the world, from a relaxed and carefree life to a good degree. And then there are the people who have completely different wishes. Their desire for health and normalcy is much greater than for money, degrees or travel.

In this video we see how two people sit next to each other, separated by a screen, and simply and clearly answer the question "What is your greatest wish in life?" reply. And while some can answer the question without worrying, others carry a heavy burden. Because healthy people only sit on one side. Participants on the other side of the wall are battling cancer or have family members battling cancer.

It is the disease that makes the most difference to the greatest desires.

What makes me happiest is when I feel the air on my face.

The most important thing in my life is to keep my yearning going and to appreciate the little things in life whose worth we so often forget.

What would make me happiest is to wake up one morning and see that my sister is fine.

It is health that should be the greatest happiness for all of us. Nothing scares you more than an incurable disease. Nothing makes you suffer more than watching a loved one suffer. And nothing one wishes more than to be able to heal those who are sick and whom one loves above all else.

So if you ever feel bad about something not working the way you planned it, don't let your head down. If financial independence is still a long way off, don't let your head down. If the job isn't the best right now, don't let your head down. Because as long as you are healthy, you can live your life. Enjoy it as much as you can!

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