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Carpet cleaning machine: borrow, buy & compare

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Despite daily care of the carpets by cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner, they become more and more unsightly over time. Burned-in spots or walkways can usually not be removed completely with normal dry vacuuming. Special carpet cleaners such as carpet cleaning machines can help. These are for the deep clean carpet cleaning designed and work wonders. What you should consider when cleaning carpets with a carpet cleaning machine, which ones Advantages and disadvantages there is and what it is for purchase arrives, should be explained in this post.

How does a carpet cleaning machine work?

Carpet cleaning machines are also used Vacuum cleaner or Spray vacuum cleaner called and are ideal for thorough carpet cleaning. A carpet cleaning machine consists of the following components:

  • Dirty water tank
  • Fresh water tank
  • Cleaning fluid container
  • Spray nozzle

The cleaning supplies is first sprayed through the nozzle into the pile of the covering. The dirt loosens and is immediately sucked in through a suction slot a few centimeters behind the nozzle bar. The dirty water so sucked up is then in the Dirty water tank which can be easily emptied via a drain plug. In this way, a carpet cleaning machine performs several operations in parallel. This process will too Spray extraction process designated.

Important: Carpet cleaning devices must be differentiated from the wet and dry vacuum cleaners presented on this advice portal. These are also able to vacuum up liquids and dirty water in addition to dry particles such as dust or crumbs. However, conventional wet vacuum cleaners do not have a spray nozzle, so that the carpets there must first be pre-treated by hand when cleaning. Tips for cleaning carpets with a wet vacuum cleaner can be found here.

How good are carpet cleaning machines?

With the usual vacuuming of the carpets and upholstery, dust, crumbs or animal hair are removed. But deep-seated stains and dirt can only be removed with special carpet cleaning agents. The Colours are thereby refreshed and hygienically cleaned. Carpet cleaning agents of this type can in principle be applied and worked into the surface to be cleaned by hand in conjunction with water. When cleaning carpets by hand, however, it is important to remove the carpet shampoo thoroughly after the exposure time, as too much moisture can lead to unpleasant odors and even mold formation. In addition, manual cleaning is extremely tedious, especially with large carpets, and in most cases does not bring the desired results.

A carpet cleaning machine is suitable for professional and hygienically clean washing of the carpets is in most cases better than manual cleaning. For one thing, there is the detergent evenly Distributed over the surface so that there is no overstrain at certain points. On the other hand, the pollution immediately absorbed. Due to the permanent spraying and vacuuming, good floor cleaning machines usually achieve better results than manual cleaning or the use of a wet vacuum cleaner. How good carpet cleaning machines are depends on, among other things. of how powerful the suction turbines are. The more power they have, the less residual moisture remains on the carpets.

Which floors are carpet cleaning devices suitable for?

These types of cleaning devices are specially designed for that Carpet and upholstery cleaning and are therefore specialists for cleaning textile surfaces such as carpets or upholstered furniture. They are also suitable for cleaning hard floors such as B. Laminate, linoleum or tiles. Also the Author interior can be cleaned pore-deep with a vacuum cleaner. The main advantage of carpet cleaning devices compared to conventional wet vacuums is that the water is sucked in again immediately, and sensitive materials take no damage. A certain amount of residual moisture must always be expected, so that drying should always be planned after the cleaning process.

Instructions: Use the carpet cleaning machine correctly

In the following we would like to give you step-by-step instructions on how to use a carpet cleaning machine correctly.

  1. First vacuum the carpet with a normal vacuum cleaner. You can pre-treat existing stains with a special stain remover in advance.
  2. Then pour the mixture of water and carpet cleaning concentrate into the tank. With some devices, two separate containers are provided for this. Always refer to the instructions for use for your vacuum cleaner.
  3. You can now start cleaning carpets. Turn on the device and a lever on the handle activates the spray nozzle to apply the detergent. Now drive evenly and slowly over the carpet. You can drive over it several times in heavily used areas. To achieve an even result, you should spray and vacuum all surfaces at least twice.
  4. After the cleaning process, the carpet cleaning machine is emptied and cleaned so that no germs form inside the tank.
  5. The carpet is now dried for approx. 24 hours and should not be stepped on.

Rent a carpet cleaning machine

If you rarely plan to use a vacuum cleaner, it is definitely worth renting a carpet cleaning machine. Many hardware stores and drugstore chains offer floor cleaning equipment for hire and charge an average of approx. 10 - 15 € rental fee during the day. So you not only save money with the carpet cleaner Acquisition cost, but also the space for that storage of the device as well as the regular Maintenance. Read more about renting wet vacuums here.

Carpet cleaning machine test - what to look out for?

Finding the right spray extraction device is not always easy, as is the case with many larger device purchases, and can definitely cost time. So that the purchase does not turn out to be a disappointment, you should take the time and compare several models in one if possible. But what should you watch out for? Good clues are carpet cleaning machine tests or recommendations from Stiftung Warentest. The devices are tested for their properties and enable orientation when buying. A good carpet cleaning machine test should consider how powerful the suction nozzles of the respective devices and whether these adjustable and can therefore be adapted to the respective situation.

It should also be tested how big the Collecting container for the dirty water. It depends on how long the device can be used without emptying it. In addition, good devices in a carpet cleaning machine test are characterized by the fact that the dirty water is sucked off directly and does not remain in the carpet. It should also be taken into account that the floor cleaner is easy to use. These include flexible castors, height-adjustable handles and long hoses for the largest possible radius of action.

Finally, it should be checked in a carpet cleaning machine test to determine how big the included equipment and whether various nozzles are included in the package. So there are z. B. special hard floor attachments for cleaning hard and stone floors. In this way the field of application of your device is enlarged.

How much does a carpet cleaning machine cost?

On this comparison portal there are Entry-level devices already from 100 € in online shops, which are usually well suited for occasional use in your own household. Devices in the middle price range can already between 200 and 300 € cost and are often equipped with a larger scope of delivery and more performance. Professional vacuum cleaner however, can quickly 300 € and cost more.

Conclusion: carpet cleaning machineConclusion

The daily vacuuming of carpets with a vacuum cleaner is part of the daily cleaning routine for many. But stay with the passage of time stubborn stains or unsightly Walkways which can usually not be removed with mere dry cleaning. A carpet cleaning machine is the ideal and professional helper here pore-deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery. The advantage of these special floor cleaners lies in the way they work: A nozzle sprays the cleaning agent in the tank onto the surfaces to be cleaned and the loosened dirt is sucked up in the same work step thanks to the suction function. That makes for a even and effective cleaning.