Why do Latina girls look so good

What does Latina mean in relation to girls?

Nothing but the truth !!!

The word Latino only exists in Italian as in Spanish and means Latin (Latin language)

Latino is the language and the people was called (Latins / Latini / Latinos) just google the word -> Latins <- enter and then everyone is smarter.

Latino has established itself in Latium (Rome / Italy) and has thus become a world language.

Latino is the main language of the Vatican City in (Rome / Italy)

The big city is also located in Lazio (Rome / Italy) Latina

the feminine form of Latino is Latina

The letters latino and Italiano as latina and Italiana are identical and that is no coincidence.

Often it comes before the Italian surname Latino or Latina end up.

The endings are permanently known in Italian and are reproduced with the same expression as in Latino or Latina the case is. Bamb (in O) , Volume(in O) , Engine(in O), Pan (in O) Gerard (ina) Matt (ina), Bamb (ina), Pisc (ina)......

Words like Ge (latino), Frul (latino)......

The fact is: the South Americans have with the word (latino) just as much in common as the Africans with sauerkraut!

The fact is: The Italian word was misused for American purposes.

The fact is : L A T I N O I T A L I A N O