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Learn Icelandic

Icelandic basic course

Learning program test winner

Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android App, iOS App

Suitable for: Beginners, advanced, pupils, students

Scope: 1300 vocabulary (voice output), grammar, exercise texts and phrases

Prices: EUR 29.95 (basic rate), EUR 97 (complete package)


The Icelandic basic course consists of a vocabulary trainer for basic Icelandic vocabulary (1300 words) with voice output, as well as grammar explanations and numerous exercises.

The vocabulary trainer works with a long-term memory method in which the new vocabulary is queried at ever greater intervals.

You can choose between text input, multiple choice or simply confirming whether you knew the vocabulary or not.

During the exercises there are questions about text comprehension, dictations, filling in gaps in words or simply vocabulary lists in which the German or Icelandic side is covered.

The basic course corresponds to the official language levels A1 and A2 (declaration of the CEFR language levels).

The complete package contains:

  • Basic course for beginners (basic vocabulary with 1300 words)
  • Advanced course for advanced learners (1800 additional words)
  • Specialized vocabulary for experts (2100 words)
  • Additional special vocabulary
  • Covers the official CEFR language levels A1 to C2

Conclusion: Much cheaper and almost as good as the well-known Rosetta Stone. There is a free demo version to try and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Link:Icelandic basic course and complete package

Memrise Icelandic App

App with user-generated lessons

Systems: Android, iPhone learning apps, online version (PC and Mac)

Scope: Icelandic lessons and vocabulary trainer with speech output, grammar

Prices: EUR 8.99 (1 month), EUR 60 (12 months), EUR 110 (unlimited)


With the Memrise app you can learn over 90 languages, including Icelandic.

There are also very small languages ​​included - however, the offer is usually limited to just a few lessons.

The special thing about the Memrise language learning app are the relatively large number of lessons created by users (native speakers) depending on the language.

The quality of these lessons is very different. Usually only the basic forms of the Icelandic verbs are taught, without the conjugations. Speech output is missing for some vocabulary.

Another good idea of ​​the Memrise app are the tips and donkey bridges created by users for each word in order to remember the words.

Overall, this app is quite similar to Duolingo and Babbel, neither of which offer Icelandic courses.

Conclusion: User-generated lessons are a good idea. In practice, however, the quality of the lessons often leaves a lot to be desired.

uTalk Icelandic App

Learn Icelandic in a playful way

Systems: Android app, iPhone app

Scope: Icelandic exercises with voice output

Prices: 10.99 EUR (1 month and 140 languages), EUR 40 (1 language unlimited)


The uTalk Icelandic app for Android and iOS teaches approx. 2000 vocabulary (excluding grammar) and relies exclusively on playful exercises.

The 6 exercises are always the same: memory games with pictures, assigning the Icelandic word you heard to a picture, etc.

Difficult vocabulary or sentences can be saved in a phrase book.

There are vocabulary and example sentences (with speech output) on 60 topics for 140 languages. The monthly subscription gives you access to all languages.

Alternatively, you can buy unlimited access for individual languages ​​in this Icelandic app.

Conclusion: The range of 140 languages ​​is impressive, but the exercises and the scope (no grammar) leave a lot to be desired.

Pimsleur Icelandic

Online language course at a premium price

Systems: PC and Mac (including mobile app)

Suitable for: Beginners, students, professions

Scope: Icelandic vocabulary, lessons with text-to-speech and speech recognition

Price: EUR 40 (beginners course)


The Pimsleur tutorial is similar to Rosetta Stone (Rosetta Stone does not have an Icelandic course) and does not use grammar explanations, conjugation tables, etc.

Instead, with the Pimsleur method, one should be able to learn the Icelandic language intuitively like the mother tongue - by combining pictures, reading and repeating (speech recognition).

Like Rosetta Stone, the Pimsleur online language course works without the language of instruction, so you don't have to know English to use it.

This tutorial for PC and Mac also includes a mobile app for Android and iOS systems.

Conclusion: The most expensive Icelandic beginners course, although it is questionable whether the learning success is much greater with it than with the cheaper learning programs.

More ways to learn Icelandic online:
  • Tandem: Find a language partner

    At Tandem you can find other people who are interested in a free "Language Exchange" via Skype. During this exchange, the language partners teach each other.

    Price: free

  • Colanguage: Find a Skype teacher

    At Colanguage, you can arrange personal language lessons via Skype with language teachers around the world.

    In addition to online language courses and apps, you should definitely look for exercises with native Icelandic speakers.

    Prices: from 5-10 euros / hour

Overview of the tested Icelandic apps and learning programs:

Basic course
€ 29
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Icelandic complete package
€ 97
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
(1 month)
€ 9
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
(12 months)
€ 60
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
€ 110
PC, Mac, Android, iOS
(1 month)
€ 9
Android, iOS
€ 40
Android, iOS
Pimsleur beginners course
€ 40
PC, Mac, Android, iOS