Would you live in a mall

Have you ever dreamed of living in a mall? Now you can!

With the holiday season approaching quickly, it is certain that most of us will likely be spending our fair share of the time at the mall. But just think how convenient it would be if all that retail ping was right on your doorstep!

For Arcade Providence residents, that dream is a reality.

What used to be retail stores is now a 48-room apartment complex. It was built on the privately accessible second and third floors of the country's oldest indoor ping mall in Providence, RI. And right below them, a bustling mall with local restaurants, boutiques, and even a hip whiskey bar.

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Robin Dionne, Director of Public Relations and Customer Relations at Arcade Providence, said some of the owners even live in the apartments. "There's a real sense of community here," she told TODAY Home.

“We have people in all phases of life. Young college graduates like it because there are smaller apartments that have furniture built in and I think they are looking for something affordable, ”she said. “Then you have those who are retired and keep this as a second or third home - it's a smaller obligation than owning a home. We also have emergency room doctors, firefighters ... people are always there hanging out with each other. "

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The 48 units range from $ 800 to $ 1,800 per month, depending on the size. There are 19 studios covering 225 square feet, 19 300-square-foot units that have a pocket door that separates the bedroom, and 10 larger apartments that range from 375 to 800 square feet.

Everyone is built for efficiency, so kitchens are small and lack ovens, but residents can cook using appliances like microwaves and toaster ovens - basically anything that doesn't have an open flame.

And although the apartments are small, there is plenty of storage space everywhere. For example, the platform beds have four large drawers below them, some units have built-in wardrobes, the sofas come with storage underneath, and there is a basement in the building with a bicycle garage.

Sounded like something you'd like to live in? Over 4,000 other people feel the same way. (So ​​many are on the waiting list for an apartment right now.) But if that number sounds intimidating, getting an apartment isn't as impossible as it sounds.

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"When an apartment opens, we email everyone on this list and from there take them to the order of the answers," said Dionne, adding that they will get responses within an hour and fill the position almost immediately .

Seems like many would-be renters will love the idea of ​​living in something like this, and as more malls across the country are abandoned, this smart housing option is a great way for communities to revitalize the failed retail infrastructure. Perhaps more developers will see this idea as a possibility.