People are still buying music records

Record survey Why people buy vinyl without a turntable


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Because it just looks so cool when you have records on the shelf - apparently half of all buyers thinks.

From: Teresa Fries

Status: 04/18/2016 | archive

What does it say about a person when he has a large record collection? He knows a lot about music. He spends a lot of time listening to them. And in any case, it's a good guy. At least the first two assumptions are wrong in almost half of the cases. At least that's what a survey available to the BBC says.

This survey found that only 52 percent of vinyl buyers even have a record player that they actually use. 41 percent have one, but it's only there to look good. And a full seven percent of record buyers do not even have a device with which they can play the records.

You might have guessed that collecting records is such a hipster show-off thing for many. That would now prove it. For example, one participant in the survey said he collects records because it gives him "an old-school vibe". The study also shows: records are no longer for nostalgic people from earlier generations. More than a third of the buyers are between 25 and 34 years old.

Also funny: After streaming services seemed to have flattened everything else in the music business, they are now probably boosting vinyl sales again. 45 percent of people first check the albums and EPs in the stream and then decide to buy the record.

The record collection is now officially no longer (only) about music, but also about chic home accessories. What the study does not answer, however, is how you choose the records, if not just according to the sound. Then whether the cover fits the sofa cushions? Or to the outfit?

Whatever ultimately influences the purchase decision - as long as people spend money on records and thus support the artists, you can smile about it, but not really object.