How big are polar bears

Polar bear profile

The polar bear is one of the largest land predators in the world. When erected, it can be up to three meters tall and usually weigh up to 550 kilograms. He has a shaggy, cream-colored and waterproof fur. The polar bear's white fur camouflages the animals in ice and snow. The polar bear's hair is hollow on the inside. The stagnant air in the hollow hair acts as a heat insulator. The skin is black and acts as a heat store. The hairy soles of their feet prevent slipping on the ice and also warm the bear. Above all, however, the thick layer of fat under their fur protects the bears from the cold.

Despite its enormous size, the polar bear is very fast. When hunting prey, it can cover up to 40 kilometers an hour. When hunting seals, the polar bears lie down by the seals' breathing holes or even dig seal pups out of their burrows under the ice. Polar bears have particularly keen senses. This allows them to smell their prey through ice that is three meters thick.

Polar bears are loners by nature and only come together to mate with other members of their own species. The mother digs an ice cave in which she gives birth to the young, who are only the size of a guinea pig. The offspring spend the first few months of their lives there and gain weight between 20 and 30 kilograms during this time. This is an enormous burden for the mother, as she does not eat any food in the cave during the suckling period. When the young animals leave the den for the first time, the mother must immediately go looking for food. The young stay with their mother for two to three years.