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Human Resources (HR) | Definition, tasks and criticism

Human as Resources?

In times of a shortage of skilled workers and ever faster developments at ever shorter intervals, the correct and controlled use of human resources (HR) is becoming increasingly important.

Human resources definition

As Human Resources is the general term used to describe the knowledge, skills, abilities and motivation of the individual employees in a company. In this context, the term: “Human Capital” should be mentioned. Strategic management is necessary for coordination so that the collective skills of the employees are used in the interests of the company. The HR departments take on this task in HR management. The HR department takes care of all interests and processes that arise in connection with the staff.

In contrast to financial and physical resources, capital, machines, equipment and buildings, the Human Resources be viewed in the direct context of the company's employees. These are not defined by the mere number and presence, but by the work that the workforce has to provide for the company. In personnel development, intellectual abilities and social skills are considered over a certain period of time in which this service is to be provided for remuneration. The processing of this resource is the responsibility of Human Resource Management, or HR for short.

Human Resource Management tasks

One of the main tasks of HR management, or in German: "personnel management", is the optimal planning of the human resource in order to achieve the best possible company result. On closer inspection, this results in several sub-disciplines: planning, procurement, retention and the targeted deployment of personnel in all areas of the company.

In addition to these classic tasks, the current times demand new solutions through a functioning human resource management. In the course of time, other areas of responsibility have been added in addition to the classic administrative areas. Companies have a social responsibility towards their employees, which they must be aware of and which they should fulfill. The successful completion of these tasks and thus satisfied employees can lead to an increase in productivity and the decisive competitive advantage. Even in the early years of personnel development, clever superiors contributed to a positive and performance-enhancing working atmosphere.

To ensure that the right employee is at the right place of work at the right time, Human Resource Management also has the important task of accurately and correctly assessing personal physical and mental abilities. This is the only way to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company in the long term and sustainably.

The terms “human resource” and “human capital” have been criticized

The accusation is not new, but persists. Employees of a company are no longer referred to as people, but are viewed profanely as a resource. This reduces the personality to its economic value. In the course of this sometimes heated and committed debate, “Human Capital” even made it to the top of the “Unwort of the Year” competition in 2004.

Managers and HR professionals can only understand the discussion to a limited extent. After all, it's about promoting and motivating employees, which is often associated with personal development. Experts rarely bother with terminology and do not attach great importance to them.

Why “Human Resources” are more important than raw materials

Well managed, companies can benefit from their human resources. If the employer takes the employee into account with all their worries, needs, wishes and goals, the greatest possible motivation of the employees can be achieved. This results in the optimal provision of work. A win-win situation for both sides.

Regardless of the formulation, the competitiveness of the company is increased by the fact that the employer is not only open to social responsibility, but also actively supports it. This promotes the corporate culture and increases the feeling of togetherness. Internally, it doesn't matter whether you're talking about human capital, resources, employees or human resources. This is where the practiced attitude wins and whether it is possible to transfer this to the employees. If current employees send positive signals about their employer to the outside world, these will be noticed by specialists, applicants, students and the general public. This increases the likelihood of attracting the best employees in the future and developing them optimally.

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