What screams I'm subtle

When do children become sophisticated?

Or, to put it another way, at what age do the mice dance on your nose and consciously try to achieve something by howling? For me it is a difficult balancing act, where I am not sure whether my 10 month old daughter is doing this consciously or not !? I am afraid that she could lose her basic trust (if I let her scream) and am also afraid that she will become a terror mouse that dances on my nose and holds me in my hand when I react to every scream !? Currently - for a couple of nights - she no longer likes to go to sleep in the evening as soon as we lay her, she cries, she is still allowed to play or is carried around, the world is all right. That was how we got to bed the last few nights between eleven and half past twelve. I have the feeling that she actually has nothing (it is also nothing different than it used to be, at least I don't know !?), she just wants to be up !? Can someone tell me from what age you can start with & quot; intent & quot; has to reckon and should let her scream, shouldn't let her will get through, should set limits? Can someone recommend literature on this to me? I am totally insecure, she is my 1st child. So far, I have never let the mouse scream, but as I said, I have the feeling that a time may begin when it has found out that with the howling it is doing its best (not to have to sleep, instead to be allowed to play or to be carried around ) can enforce !?

Please no nasty answers! I definitely only want the best for my child, but I also don't want her to dance on me one day ...

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