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Embed Google Maps in WordPress - it's very easy

Google Maps is still the most popular map app on the web. It is integrated into many WordPress sites. We'll show you how to integrate Google Maps (API) with and without a plugin on your WordPress site and what you need to consider.

Before we show you how to integrate Google Maps with or without a plugin in WordPress, let's briefly explain the difference between Google Maps with and without an API. Google APIs are programming interfaces that increase the service level of Google Maps by accessing additional Google services. These were free until June 2018. Since then, you have to pay for these additional functions from a certain number of accesses.

Start the Google Maps API with credit

To use the Google Maps API in WordPress, you need an API key and you have to enter your credit card details. Basically, every website operator has a credit of $ 200 per month.

This corresponds roughly to:

  • 100,000 accesses to static maps (e.g. location display)
  • 28,500 accesses to dynamic maps (e.g. interactive search for leisure opportunities)
  • 25,000 hits on 360 ° Google Street View images
  • 40,000 accesses to driving directions (e.g. hiking trail map)

Expect to incur costs when integrating Google Maps API if you have more than 10,000 accesses a month or if you add other services to your map, such as hiking trail maps, maps from real estate providers, weather maps. You can find the exact number of hits in Google Analytics under "Sessions per month". If your users access Google Maps on your site while on the move, i.e. mobile, this is free of charge for you. Since Google's cost statement is quite complex, here is the link to the Google Cloud cost page.

API or no API?

Basically there is still the possibility to use Google Maps without API. However, the map then only shows your position and your user cannot calculate routes, for example. Still, you should consider whether you absolutely need the Google Maps API.

A small decision-making aid:

  1. If you only want your map to show the location of your company and you only need the standard marker of your location, Google Maps without API is sufficient.
  2. If you need several markers, would like to give your user the possibility to calculate routes or use other services, then you have to integrate the Google Maps API.

Google Maps API: This is how it works!

Would you like to provide your users with more Google Maps services than just your location? Then you need the API. How to get them:

  1. Store payment information: You must store your payment information in any case, even if there are no costs. Log in to the Google Maps Platform and activate your Google Maps profile.
  2. Integrate API key: You can obtain the correct API key for your purpose on the Maps JavaScript API page. Click on “Request key” and follow the process.

Integrate Google Maps in WordPress

There are two ways you can incorporate Google Maps into your WordPress site.

Integrate Google Maps into WordPress via iFrame!

To do this, you need the HTML code from Google Maps.

  1. Go to the Google Maps website and find your location.
  2. Click on your location marker and then click on "Share".
  3. Select "Embed Card". You can also just share the link, but do without the map display on your website.
  4. Copy the code.
  5. In the backend of WordPress, look for the page and place where you want to insert the map.
  6. In the editor go to the "Text" tab and copy the code there.
  7. Now just save the page.

Integrate Google Maps into WordPress using a plugin!

There are numerous Google Maps plugins that you can use with or without an API. From the ground up, they offer a few more options than if you just included the iFrame.

  1. To install a Google Maps plugin, go to the dashboard under Plugins and then under “Install”. Enter “Google Maps” in the search field!
  2. In some free versions, different markers and a certain number of card designs are available.
  3. You can also use Google Maps in a widget or as a shortcode.


Google Maps is a powerful tool. However, the question is whether you really need all the services on your WordPress site. Alternatively, you can also use other map services such as Open Street Map. To the article: Alternatives to Google Maps. These are often free of charge and also offer a wide range of options and design variants.


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