How much money is YouTube paying

YouTuberin with 50,000 subscribers shows how much money she makes

Marissa Lyda is a full-time YouTuber. Her videos are about finances and her life as a mother.

She launched her YouTube channel in 2016 and now has around 52,000 subscribers.

Lyda spoke to Insider about how much money she's making on YouTube with advertising and with Etsy.

Marissa Lyda is a YouTuber and wants to help young women and mothers save money with her videos.

Lyda started her YouTube channel in 2016 after paying off a $ 87,000 student loan. Over the years, her YouTube business has grown into her full-time job.

Lydas - who explains in her videos how she spends her monthly income of $ 10,000 or shares tips on investing - is part of a community of YouTubers known for providing advice on finance.

At the weekend she shoots 3 to 4 videos while her husband takes care of the son. During the week, Lyda edits the videos, creates thumbnails and answers e-mails between her son's nap times, she says.

Lyda runs her online business completely by herself, but says she wants to hire an editor soon.

In 2020 she earned over 13,000 euros through the YouTube partner program

As a YouTuber, she earns most of her income Brand sponsorship, Showthat appear in their videos through the YouTube affiliate program, Affiliate marketing and through the Selling a budget template on Etsy.

In 2020, she made $ 15,700 on her YouTube channel advertising through the affiliate program. (Business Insider has verified the earnings based on the documentation provided by Lyda).

In order to be accepted into YouTube's affiliate program and make money with ads, a Youtuber must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time. How much money a Youtuber earns depends, among other things, on the viewing time, length, video type and demographic characteristics of the viewers. YouTube also keeps 45 percent of the advertising revenue, the YouTuber gets the rest.

The group also provides a few key figures so that YouTubers know how much money they are making. CPM what for “Cost Per Mille“Is the cost advertisers pay for every 1,000 YouTube ad views.

The RPM, or "Revenue per Mille", is calculated by adding up all of the earnings reported in YouTube Analytics, then multiplying by 1,000 and subtracting the 45 percent share from YouTube. Or to put it simply: The RPM is the revenue that the YouTuber earns.

The CPM, in turn, does not take into account the percentage that YouTube deducts and is a measure of total advertising revenue.

Lyda said her average CPM rate in 2020 was $ 11 and her average RPM rate was $ 6.

With these rates alone, Lyda earns over $ 1,000 per month.

Lyda has broken down how much money she's made from advertising on YouTube per month so far this year:

  • January: $ 1,400
  • February: $ 1,200

Lyda said her main source of income is sponsorship. But there are also other ways of generating income.

"Income diversification is really important," Lyda said. "If you are on YouTube, you will experience ups and downs, and you shouldn't make your personal finances dependent on it."

Instead of relying on what she makes every month from her online business, Lyda has built a reserve in her checking account so she can pay herself a fixed salary every month and stay within her budget.

Aside from YouTube, Lyda also sells various budget templates she created on Etsy. In 2020, her Etsy shop made $ 17,000 with 2,300 orders. (Insider verified these earnings based on documents Lyda provided.)

“I've never had a huge upfront cost for my company,” Lyda said. "I don't think you have to spend a ton of money in the beginning to start a successful channel, and you can still get new and better equipment once you start making money."

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