Have you ever liked being bullied?

i am extremely bullied in school

Your parents need to go to the headmaster and ask him to see that the violence against you stops immediately.

If the headmaster says there is nothing he can do, or if he promises to do something but does nothing, then your parents must announce to the headmaster that they will report him to the police for failure to provide assistance. (Of course, your parents are not only allowed to say that, they really have to do it.)

A mother once wrote this here. Her son was badly bullied (including beaten) and threatened the headmaster. The headmaster immediately called a teachers conference and the bullying stopped.


The fact that the bullies tell you that they would stop if you write a 6 is cheese. Even then, they wouldn't stop.

The bullies must definitely be stopped for good.

Your parents should also ask Youth Welfare Office and tell them what is happening to you. The youth welfare office can then get in touch with the school principal.

So both:

  • Parents go to the headmaster and ask him to stop the bullying immediately.

  • If necessary - if he does nothing - announce to the headmaster that they will report him to the police for failing to provide assistance.

  • And ask the youth welfare office to help.

Besides, surely you will be injured if you have been beaten up.

  • Show your doctor the injuries and ask the doctor for help. Some doctors contact the school. Others at least document the injuries because you might need that as proof later.


Read my answer that I got here Suserl123 have written:


Look what you can do with it.

Also click the link regarding the Morning pages at. And there you will find a reference to one testwhether you are highly sensitive.

Highly sensitive often think that they are somehow stupid or wrong, but that is not true. On the emotional level, you are simply more delicate than many others and perceive a lot more - which is at the same time a particularly beautiful power.


And watch this video - maybe it will be of use to you: