What is your worst experience studying abroad?

Studying elsewhere - what is your experience like?

Every country has its own rules. This also applies to studying. Different rankings try to compare international universities every year. The focus is on teaching, research and knowledge transfer. They provide information about how many doctorates have been awarded, how many national or international students the university has or about publications and citations from students and teachers.

The motivation for a stay abroad can be the prospect of a different, possibly better education system and the hope of gaining advantages on the job market through the experience abroad. Exchange programs such as Erasmus are designed to promote student mobility. To throw yourself into adventure far from home, to experience something new before graduation or to finally have an excuse to live in the land of your dreams - these can also be reasons for a student stay abroad.

Describe your experiences

But what does it actually mean to study in an educational system that is different from the domestic one? What are the reasons for studying abroad? What are the specific differences? Has the international experience brought you advantages on the job market? Which stories from abroad are unforgettable?

With our user blog we want to give everyone a chance to have their say who report on their experiences, whether good or bad, and who would also like to exchange ideas with others in the community who are studying or teaching abroad. If you want to actively contribute a user article, send it to [email protected] We look forward to your reports! (jmy, February 24, 2016)