What is the neighboring country of Australia

New Zealand restricts travel corridor with Australia

After a coronavirus infection case was discovered in Australia, New Zealand partially closed the recently opened travel corridor with the neighboring country. The New Zealand government announced today that travel between New Zealand and the state of Western Australia will be "suspended" in accordance with the agreements on the "transtasmanian" corridor.

Travel to New Zealand from other Australian states and territories is still possible.

Infection discovered in traveler

The authorities of the state of Western Australia had previously announced a three-day lockdown for the Perth and Peel regions. The background to this was the discovery of an infection in a traveler.

According to local media reports, it was a man in his 50s who flew from Melbourne to Perth on Wednesday. After the mandatory quarantine in Perth, he visited restaurants, a university, a swimming pool, a doctor and a friend there. According to media reports, the friend has now also tested positive for the corona virus.

New Zealand and Australia opened the travel corridor on Sunday - more than a year after the borders were closed due to the CoV pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders live in Australia. Before the border was closed due to the CoV, there was a lot of commuting between the two countries.

Role model in fighting pandemics

New Zealand is seen worldwide as a role model in the fight against the pandemic. In the country of five million people, there have been only 26 deaths from Covid-19 since the coronavirus pandemic began a year ago.