Do Thirukkural contains the word Shudras


Nagas and Dravidians

N. Nandhivarman Secretary General Dravida Peravai

The Nagaland fight is based on a few beliefs. "The Nagas, the Nagaland
inhibit the country are another race that has always been their country too
occupy a small part of the Naga land from 1832 to 1947
was conquered by the British and was managed by them
Excluded with regard to their relations with neighboring India
Affected, before 1947, no Indian king or prince ever set foot on
Land Naga Even before 1947, Nagas had no affinity for India whether racist,
historically, politically, culturally, religiously or in any other way. Hence Nagaland is not
par of the Indian Territory, neither Nagas will become Indians, "writes Kaka.D. Iralu in
the book Nagaland and India: The Blood and Tears, 2000 distributed secretly
Indian Members of Parliament in.

"Before 1947 the Indian subcontinent was a group of over 560 princely states
excluded b different maharajas or kings. than the maharajas or
King such state state fell the whole area was conquered. For this
Matter Maratha Empire or other princely states could 1947 as
Indian Territory are considered legitimate after 1947 not just because they were voluntary
Conceded to being a party of the Republic of India. The same does not apply
for regions, Nagaland and Naga, primarily because Nagaland State was never of
conquered the British as one, also disagree Nagas 19 to 47 join the
Indian or Burmese Union, "argues Kaka.D. Iralu.

Quotation from Phizo's letter to the then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv

Gandhi dated May 10, 1986 he understood this further ads "Jawaharlal Nehru
Fact clear. On August 19, 1946 in connection with the proposed
He described the Naga areas as the British colony Coupland
Tribal areas are defined as India's long frontiers power, foreign,
which is neither part of India nor Burma nor the Indian states nor
any "The British toyed with the idea on the eve of their departure from India
the establishment of a crown colony with all the peoples of the eastern North Eastern
Region that were Indian neither the Burmese. The plan would be Coupland
Mons, have a crown colony with an area of ​​1.50,000 square miles
Nagas, Karens, Kachins, Shans, Chin, and even Mizos, Khasis, and Assamese
People. Such was the bottom line of reality in Naga areas whereas that
India had to face 562 princely states.

The then Foreign Minister of India KPSMenon described the situation in

India to the pre-independence years "When the British left India,
the unity of the divided Germany was even in danger. Already 560 princely
States had stayed in the air. It was open to keep them to India
Join Pakistan or stay independent ... It almost looked like India
would be Balkanized. But that risk was handled by the company
Princes averted by the man of iron, Vallabhbhai Patel. ''

Close on the heels of Britain's Prime Minister Atlee Politics

Announcement of February 20, 1947, after Her Majesty's Government decision
London to withdraw from India by June 1948, The Times of wrote
"Muslim separatists are advancing through the language of the
The princes received similar encouragement. Under the inspiration of the
Political Department, they started thinking in the Third Dominion that
Churchill called Princestan. The Chamber of the Princes moved in that direction. The
Nawab of Bhopal, who was the chancellor of the Chamber, asked the princes of the princes
Wait for Chamber to adopt and see policy and not until assembly
join India part. "

Sir Conrad Corfield, the Secretary of the Political Department, appeared to be Third Force
Play with the India of using the Princes as. The Third Dominion dream
the British government suffered setback when denial of states in the
Commonwealth membership. Vallabhbhai Patel was shot in the arm
with the Prime Minister of Bikanir KMPanikkar promote the Bikanir on March 10th
Maharaja's decisions without delay in the deliberations of the Indian
Attend Constituent Assembly. The banner of the revolt of
Travancore Iyer unfolds especially through his divan Sir CPRamasamy am
May 9, 1947 claims that on August 15th the supremacy was extinguished
at the same time as the transfer of power to India, Travancore would declare
a free and independent state. Sardar Patel took the matter directly with him
Maharaja of Travancore and in the tone of command like India threatens to whoever sits
Join roadblocks that are made out to the Maharaja explaining his decision.

It is ironic that the Indian Union will be in the sixties
persistent given the growing popularity of the mass separate Dravida
Nadu even after so many years of freedom from the British to the demand
Neglect plank from north-south to Kazhagam ban the Dravida
Munnetra, the political party led by Anna Aringnar, provided one
National Integration Committee Union the opinion of the people taking
presided over by Sir CPRamasamy Iyer, who once unfolded the banner of the
Revolt against the Indians. The Malaimani, DMK's Weekly signatures
collected blood, ad including this writer more than 50,000
Signatures have been sent for Sir. CPRamasamy Committee on National
Integration plan. This uniform appearance proves how certain
Chameleons change their colors quickly and enjoy the fruits in each one
Form of governance.

An illustration of the case of how many princely states' union fell for Indian
Take the example of Bastar, now a district in Madya Pradesh in
India. Vallabhbhai Patel happened to come across an official file. It tells,
like Bastar, whose Raja was a little and weakling and the prime minister
a foreigner was pledged to lease Hyderabad state for long. Patel as
King of the Bastar, and he observed: "I saw the ruler.How young and
was inexperienced. I felt it was a sin for him to be appropriate
Sign the agreement. At that time I became fully aware of the
The extent to which our interests would be prejudiced in any way
from the mechanizations of the political, and came to the conclusion that we
better get rid of these people earlier. Their main goal was to get more of their own
Interests and possible harm to as much as India. I came to the conclusion,
that the best way to evict foreigners even at the expense of partition
of the country was. It was then that I felt that there was only one way to do this
Land too strong and secure, and that was India Union. "
It's a great accomplishment, especially the Vallabhbhai Patel, which lasted two
less than a year and a half for the integration of the princely states in the
Indian Union. Indian bureaucracy does not agree with him creation
Bangladesh can be evidenced by citing an example of that
Failure in solving its a sensitive issue between Bangladesh and
India Union, despite the euphoria about India's support. "The rulers
of Kooch Bihar and Rangpur in the Old Bengal presidency lost theirs
Territories to each other when playing cards. There are 111 Indian to date
Enclaves in Bangladesh and 51 enclaves within India, as one
Result of this gamble by 2 princely states. "But nobody had the courage
of the Sardar Patel for storage also fix this problem that ever y
Government keeps in cold. The border dispute and Kashmir conflict, why even the
Question is evading Nagaland a settlement, and we are actually not to blame
Democracy someone in ours.

The Genesis Each nation has its own stories that do not shed light on
Had seen history. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in page 224 of his book The
Views of World History tells the story of China's integration into a nation.

: "The administration of the Mongolian Empire must have been a difficult task

It is not surprising, therefore, that it began to split, with Kublai Khan dying
in 1292. After him there were no great khan. The realm up in areas
divided large.

The Empire of the People's Republic of China, including Mongolia, and Manchuria
Tibet. This kingdom became the principal one among Kublai Khan's descendants
Yuan Dynasty.

After the far west of Russia, Poland and Hungary, the empire was the
Golden Horde, as the Mongols were called back then.

In Persia and Mesopotamia and part of Central Asia there was a great Turkey, like
it was said to be the empire of the Zagatai.

Between Mongolia and the Golden Horde, the Siberian Empire was the

Mongol Empire was divided up until each of these five divisions was one
mighty empire. "

This is the story of the Mongol Empire, its later day
Disintegration and reunification as China in the age of
Nationalism. The Indian subcontinent was ruled by Tamils, the ir disintegrated
Empires, Flood and other natural disasters struck the Tamil
Country. Later in the British period on their eve of departure it was 11 and
562 presidencies of princely states which when the winds of nationalism
Constituent blew over Indian subcontinent India were composed
welded as Indian Union under a constitution. The problems of
left about cooperation lonialism, be it border disputes with China or
India Kashmir is still bleeding. In this problem galore, Nagaland falls.

To the readers who judged the declaration Tamil India would appear at the beginning
a tall and false claim. If I had such doubts
present facts stating the father of the Indian
Constitution will be relocated to Dr.BRAmbedkar rest. It would also die
Tamil as the mother tongue of the Nagas, the Dravidians. Let's do that
Conclusions Dr BRAmbedkar in his scientific investigation
had managed to look.

“So it is clear that the Nagas and Dravidians are one and the same human.
Even with a lot of evidence, people may not be found ready to support this thesis too
accept. The main difficulty in accepting it lies in the way
Designation of the people of South India by the name of Dravidian. It is quite natural
for them to ask why the term Dravidian came from South India
be restricted to people if they are really nagas. critics
are bound to ask: If the Dravidians and Nagas are also the same
People why the name Nagas does not use India to designate peoples
South. This is without a doubt a mystery. But it's a puzzle that doesn't have that
Solution. It can be resolved when certain facts are kept in mind
become. The first thing to consider is the language situation. today
is the language of South India is different from the people in
North India. "

"The second thing to keep in mind is that the word Dravida is not an original one
Word. It is the Sanskrit zed form of the word Tamil, the original word
Tamil when imported into Sanskrit Damila was Damita and later became
Dravida.The word Dravida is the name of the language of the people an nd
does not denote the race of the people.

The third thing to remember is that Tamil or Dravida wasn't just that
the language of South India, but before the Aryans came India was the language
spoken throughout Kanyakumari and was from Kashmir to.In the
Indeed, it was the language of the Nagas throughout India.

The next thing to note is the contact between Aryan and Nagas
and produced the effect on Nagas and their language. Strange as they are
Effect of this contact appearing through the Nagas of North India was quite different
than the effect produced on the Nagas of South India. The Nagas in Northern India
gave Tamil, the tongue was her mother and took its place in Sanskrit
Nagas in South India received Tamil as their mother tongue and did not adopt that
Sanskrit language of the Aryans.

If this difference is in mind it helps explain why the name Dravida is
India came south will only be applied for the people. The need
for the application of the name Dravida the Nagas of North India had stopped
because she had stopped speaking the Dravida language. The special application
the use of the word Dravida for the people of South India must therefore
Do not hide the fact that the Nagas and Dravidas are a people
and the same. They are just two different names for the same people. Nagas
was a racial or cultural name and Dravida was their linguistic one
Designation "closed Dr.BRAmbedkar.

Dr.BRAmbedkar had tried to explain these questions "We have often come across
four names come Dravidians, Dasas, Nagas and Aryans. What do they have
Interpret names? These questions have never been considered. Are these names Aryans?
Dravidians, Dasas, and Nagas are the names of the various races, or they
just different names for a people of the same race?

"The common assumption is that they have different names. It is an assumption
on theories such as that of Mr. Rice, which applied to the social structure of the Hindu
Society, especially because of its class, is trying to be built
to explain. Before such a theory is accepted, it is necessary in theirs
To check the foundations. Starting with the Aryans it is indisputable that they are not one
only homogeneous people. They were divided into two sections is undisputed.
One of them can Rig Veda Aryans and the other Vedic Aryans Atharva
be called. Your cultural division seems to be over. The
Rig Veda Aryans believed in Yajna. The Vedic Aryan Atharva believed the Magis.
Their mythologies were different, believed the Rig Veda in Flood and Aryans
the creation of their race from Manu. The Vedic Aryan Atharva not in
Deluge believe, but believed in the creation of their Brahma or race
Prajapati. Her literary developments also lay on different paths. The
Rig Veda Aryans produce brahmins, sutras and aranyakas. The Atarvavedic
Aryans produced the Upanishads. Their cultural conflict wasn't that great
the Rig Veda Aryans would not for long admit the sanctity of the
Atharvaveda still of the Upanishads and when they realized them they Vedanta it
call.Vedanta, which goes against the actual meaning of the word, namely essence
of Vedanta originally meant something outside the limit of the
Vedas and therefore not as holy as the Vedas. Whether these two sections of the
Aryans were two different races, we don't know. We don't know if that
Word is Aryan indicative o f race. So historians made a mistake in that
Procedure on the assumption that the Aryans were a separate race. "

"A bigger mistake lies in the demarcation from the Nagas Dasas. The Dasas
are the same as Nagas. Dasas is just another name for Nagas. It is
not difficult to understand how the Nagas literature came to be called Vedic
Dasas in.Dasa is Sanskritized form of the Indo-Iranian word
Dahaka. Dahaka was the name of the king of the Nagas.

(The detailed submissions related to this in the story paper presented by Miss
Karunakara Gupta at the Third Session of the Indian History Congress -1,939 Title Nagas and Naga in
Ancient Indian Cult.]
"Hence the Aryans as the Nagas behind the name of their king Dahaka, which is in
In Sanskrit form, Dasa became a generic name applied to all
Nagas ", says Dr.BRAmbedkar in his book" The Untouchables ".

Upon arriving at the scene where Nagas are also known as Dasa will be
we wonder whether the names Bharathidasan, Kannadasan, Ramadasan,
Vanidasan etc, where the family name as Dasa has more inner meaning than that,
what could read in the beginning was used. My grandfather is ramadas,
then I can also claim a Dasa I am also a Naga. The name of mine
Father's is Nagarattinam and if I could in his original Tamizh
had written my name when to be Naga. Nandhivarman. My
Sister's name is Dr Naga. Engamala Thayar. Such similarities aside
we have many places in India called Nagapattinam, Nagore and Nagpur and so
prove the spread of Nagas throughout India.

Let us first finish the detailed analysis of the father of the Indian
Constitution Dr.BRAmbedkar before there are many such similarities.

"Who were the Nagas? Undoubtedly they were Non_Aryans. A careful study
Vedic literature reveals a spirit of conflict that has a dualism,
and a race for supremacy between two different types of
Culture and thinking. In the Rig-Veda, we are first to the Snake God in the
Introduced form of Vitra Ahi, the enemy of the Aryan god Indra. Naga, the name,
under which the snake, it was God, became so famous in later days,
did not appear in early Vedic literature. Even if it's not for the first time
Mal in Sathapatha Brahmana [XI.2, 7, 12] It is not clear whether a large serpent
or a big elephant is meant. However, this does not mean about it
hide the essence of Ati Vitra, because he is always in the Rig-Veda, like that
Snake that is described around lay or hiding in the waters, and
holds full control over the waters of heaven and earth-like ones. "

"It is also evident from the Ati hymns below that you at Vitra that no
He received worship from the Aryan tribes and was only beaten
considered as an evil spirit of considerable need that possibly
Power. ”So goes Dr.Ambedkar.

It is becoming clearer that Snake is cult than queuing around the neck of the
Lord Shiva or in the serpent bed float in the ocean of milk where Lord
Vishnu's vacation is not an Aryan element, but rather one
Non-Aryan element. In every temple near the trees, people
worship god Snake. As these forms of worship the worship forms of
Separating Aryans is a very arduous and impossible task, Periyar E, V.
Ramasamy wanted all gods and goddesses in the trash can of the past
to throw.

Dr.BRAmbedkar's narrative of Naga's story follows: "The mention of the
Naga in the Rig-Veda shows that the Nagas were ancient people. It mustn't either
be forgotten that the Nagas are in no way an aboriginal or
uncivilized people. The story shows very close mixed marriages between the
Naga and Royal Families of India.The Record of the Devanagari
Kadamba King Krishnavarman connects the beginning of the Kadambakula with Nagas.
The grant of Royakota 9th century AD mentioned marriage to one
Asvathama Nagi and the founding of the Pallava lineage Skandasishya, the problem
from this marriage.

Virakurcha leading to another Pallava inscription in the 9th century AD

was dated after the ruler of the dynasty, is also in the same inscription
as mentioned, married to a Nagi and received from her the insignia of
Royalty. The marriage of Gautamiputra, is the son of King Vakataka
Pravarsena with the daughter of King Bharasiva Bhava Naga, a historical one
Fact. So the marriage to Princess Chandragupta II Kuvera Naga Naga is the kula.
A Tamil poet claims that Kokkilli had an early Chozha king
married a Naga princess. Rajendra Chozha is also credited
by its radiant beauty of the hand of the daughter of the noble Naga race
have won. The Navasahasanka Charita describes the king's marriage
Paramara Sindhuraja, which opposite the first half of the 10th century AD.
BC, with Naga Princess Sasiprabha, with such exhaustive information in the
Indeed, the way that we almost feel certain seems to have ruled
that there has been some historical basis for this claim. From the
Inscription of Harsha VS1030-973 AD We know that I am Guvaka, the sixth
King in the genealogy from above is Vigraharaja Chahamana and thus maybe
supposed to have been ruling against the middle of the 9th century was famous as
Hero in the meetings of the Nagas and other princes. Santikara the
Bhaumn Dynasty of Orissa, one of the days whose was probably AD 921.
Chr. Is written in an inscription to have married his son, called Thirubuvana
Mahadevi of the Naga family mentioned. Don't just take Naga people
a high cultural level, but history shows that the
India rules a good part. The Maharastra is the home of the Nagas
a matter of course. His people and his kings were
Nagas. "

This and more evidence from the scientific presentation of the

Dr.BRAmbedkar will run in pages and make this paper in
a book

Mr.Dikshithar in his lecture in South India Ramayana says: "The Nagas, half

in another tribe divine character with their totems as a snake
spread in India from Taksasila in the north-west to Assam in the
Northeast and all the way to Ceylon and southern India in the south
they have been powerful. Simultaneously with the yakwas or maybe afterwards
on their fall as a political entity, the Nagas rose to be known in southern
India. Not only parts of ancient Ceylon, but Malabar were occupied
Territories by the Nagas ... ... in the Tamizh classics of the early centuries
after Christ, we often hear references to Naganadu ... ... remnants of the
Worship still Naga lingering in Malabar and the temple in Nagerkoil in
South Travancore is devoted to Naga worship even today. All that
what can be said about it is that they were a seafaring tribe. Your
Women became famous for their beauty. Apparently Nagas have become merged
with the Cheras to power and prominence at the beginning of the Christian
The calculation of time rose.

Mr. CFOldham in the sun and snake it says:

"People have Dravidian from ancient times in Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas
divided up. Chera or Sera [in ancient Tamizh Sarai] is the equivalent for Dravidian
Naga. Cheramandala, Nagadwipa or the Naga Land. This seems clear
refer to the origin of the Asura Dravidians of the south. But in addition to
This is still there, spread widely across the Ganges Valley, one
People or call the Cherus Seoris, calling for the descent from serpent
Gods. The Cherus are very old race, they are believed to have once been a great one
Part of the Ganges valley which, as we have seen, was occupied by the Naga tribes in
very early times. The Cherus seem to be gradually moving away from their land
were expelled during the troubled times of the mohammedan
Invasions, and now they are poor and almost landless. There can be little doubt that
these people become relatives of the Dravidian Cheras.

The Cherus have several peculiar customs and one of them is them
connect with the Lichhavis, as well as with the Newar in Nepal seems. this is the
Choice of a Raja for every five or Si x houses, and his investiture, in due
Form, with the Tilak or Royal Frontal Mark. Both Lichavis and Newars had
many customs in common with the Dravidians of the south. Everyone adored that
Snake. After Nepal, Karkota Naga becomes what became Nila Naga Kashmir; a Naga
was also the patron god of the Vaishali, the Lichchavi capital. The bellicose
Relations between the Newar and Lichavis were similar to those of the Tamil population
and to point far to a common origin.

Property under Newars descended in the feminine line as they once were
the Arattas, Bahikas, or Takhas of the Punjab, whose sister sons, and not
their own were their heirs. That is still a Dravidian custom. In short, says one
later writer Dravidian Mr.Balakrishna Nayar that his people to be
seem, in almost every detail, the relatives of the Newar. Besides all this
but there are other connections between the Naga people of the south
with those of the north of India. In an inscription by Colonel Toad on Kanswah
discovered near the river Chambal, a Raja, Called Salindra the race of
"Zarya," a tribe known among the tribes of the mighty, said the
Become the ruler of Takhya. This was apparently the Takhya Empire of the Punjab
Tsiang was visited by Hiou-en. It seems Naga people were Takhya
also known under the name "Zarya". Even in the outer Himalayas between
Beas and Sutlej valleys, is a stretch of land called Sara or Seoraj, in this district
the Naga demigods are the main deities worshiped. There is one
another Seoraj in the upper Chinab Valley, and this is too busy by a Naga
worship people.
The name Saraj Seoraj or seems to be like the valley of "Sarja" Colonel Tod's
and as the inscription Seori, Ganges, that is the alternate name of the Cherus der.Es
seems to be identical to Sarai, which we have already seen, is that
old name for the Chera or Naga. Apparently therefore the Saryas or Takhya,
are the people of the Sutlej Valley, the Seoris Cherus or the Ganges Valley and Saraj
the Cheras, Seras or Kerala in southern India, but different branches of the
same naga worship people.

It should be noted that in some dialects Himalaya, Kira or Kiri
Snake meant to be. This name from wh i was perhaps the term
derived from the Himalayan Kirate so which is often applied to humans. Cashmere is
found in Rajatarangani where near or it is used to be a people
in. Kiras Viraha Mihira puts them in the copper plate of Professor Keilhorn
published mentioned.

An inscription on the Temple Baijnath in the Kangra Valley gives kiragrams like that
The name of the place at the time. This would mean the dialect of the village of Schlangen.
The Naga is still a popular deity at and during the Baijnath
Neighboring country. The term Kira is thus an equivalent for Naga and there will be
approx. hardly doubt that Kira's snake worship the Himalayas attentively
were related to the South Dravidian Kera, Cheras or the
Kerals. The similarity of names is not always to be trusted, but here we have something
more. These people, whose name is therefore apparently the same, are
all of solar race, they are all adore the hooded serpent, and they all
worship, as their ancestors, the Naga demigods.

From all of this, it seems fairly certain that the Dravidian was located in southern India
same stock as the Nagas or Asuras of the north were. "

So far we had dealt with extensively quoted long passages

Dr.BRAmebedkar and from the sources he relied on to come to
a new fact. It's a difficult task, the genius that
logically presented his views had argued as effective
Lawyer history fit. So instead of quoting a few lines,
the need arose to quote pages.

Dr.BRAmbedkar is a genius who works in depth on the racial issue that is Indian
History, society and political space dominated. In
of his collected works Volume 7 Ambedkar wrote about the history of Shudra
Quotes extensively from Vedic texts.

He says, "The Aryan race theory is so absurd it should still be dead by now
long ago. But far from dead. Theory has a considerable influence on that
People. There are two explanations for this phenomenon, the account. The first
The explanation lies in the support that this theory receives from the
Brahmin scholars can be found. This is a very strange phenomenon.
As Hindus, they should normally show an aversion to the Aryan
Theory with its express avowal of the superiority of the
European races, over Asian races. But the Brahmin scholar
not only does he not have such an aversion, but he prefers to hail it. The
The reasons are obvious. The Brahmin believes in the two nations
Theory. He claims to be the representative of the Aryan race, and he regards it
the rest of the Hindus as descendants of non-Aryans. The theory helps him his
Kinship with the European races and share their arrogance and
To create superiority. He especially loves that part of the theory that the
Aryan invader and conqueror of non-Aryan races. Because it helps
him to maintain and justify his rule over the more than non-
Brahmins. "[Page 80 of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar's writings and speeches]
Published by the Maharashtra Government's Education Department in the year

It is imperative to treat the Aryan theory first before we get down to the
Dravidian or Naga racial theories arrive. The re-lit by
Dr Ambedkar will be of great help in understanding the racial issue and the
subsequent racial conflicts that Indian mind dominated some

"The second explanation of why the Aryan race theory is dead is not
because of the general urge from European scholars that the
Word means varna color and acceptance of the view of one
Majority of Brahmin scholars because that is the mainstay
the Aryan theory. There is no doubt that as long as this
Interpretation of the Varna continues to be adopted by the Aryan
Theory will live on, "wrote Ambedkar on October 10, 1946.

That is in the Indian context. To this day we have Aryan hotels in every city
Bhavan especially mentioned in Tamil Nadu as evidence of the mindset elsewhere
hadn't even changed in the days when scientists thought about it
argue whether there is a genetic basis for the breed. Scientists say it
is nothing more than political prejudice, and let's examine the bottom line

"The genetic basis of race ad the superiority of one of them
over the other Aryan died of sudden death during 1936
Supremacy Olympic Games in Berlin. That was when Jesse Owens, a black one
Athlete United States, events exploded in athletics. He
won four gold medals and broke several world records at the same time. Hitler
refused to shake his hand and instead stormed out of the stadium
in outrage over the star triumph over his much hyped Nordic
Caucasian team. This opened the disastrous chapter of the modern 20th century.
Century eugenic movement. It also led to renewed politicization
of the race. It was later used by the Nazis in the thirties and forties
used to justify genocide. It was the rational one for that
Holocaust and the entire sale of extermination of Jews, Gypsies and
another so called disease with low IQ, morally bankrupt ethnic
Groups based solely on basic genetic equality.
It never was and still is not a single trace of evidence for
the division of a species from an ancient African mitochondrial
DNA in superior or inferior races, "wrote the Times of India,
leading English-language daily newspaper in its Mumbai editorial
dated November 1, 2004.

The color touches myth must be exposed. Professor Ripley in his
Book Races of Europe [page 466] claims that the first were Europeans
dark skin color. "We are strengthened in this assumption that the first
Europeans were not only long headed, but also dark complexed who
from various points of the request so far. Measured therefore
either in light of general principles or local ones
Details of how it seems that the first race in Europe must be dark
became very. "

It is a concern of how color touches oppression created castes in India
but nowhere in the world does such a cruel system exist that also includes
religious sanction. The word religion itself is derived from the Latin word religare,
which meant derived bundles of beliefs. Among the bundles of such
Beliefs the caste touches minds imprinted in Indian is spiritual
Slavery, the current rules of the castle up.

Dr.BRAmbedkar says: "As for the Vedas for any indication whether the Aryans ay color
had touched, in Rig Veda i.117.8 there is a reference to Ashvin's knowledge about
brought the marriage between Shyavya and Rushati. Shyavya is black and Rushati
is fair.

In Rig Veda i.117.5 there is a prayer to Ashvins to have been saved as
Vandana of golden color is spoken. I Rig Veda ii.3.9 it is a prayer
from an Aryan calling on the Devas to give him a son with certain
Virtues but from [pishanga bless] tawny [auburn] complexion.

These incidents, Ambedkar say, shows that the Vedic Aryans have no color
had touched. How could they have? The Vedic Aryans were not of one
Colour. Their skin color varied, some were of copper complexion, a few white and
black. Rama, the son of Dasaratha in dark complexion has been described as
Shyama means so is the descendant of Krishna Yadus, Arya another
Clan.The Rishi Dirghatamas who is the author of many mantras in Rig Veda must be in
have dark complexions. Kanva is an Aryan rishi of high standing. But after
given the description in Rig Veda x 31.11, it was dark in color.

"To see the meaning of the word Varna and Veda, in what sense Rig-it
becomes in, not a word Ambedkar number of all the hymns of the Rig-Veda. The word becomes
deployed there, Varna in Rig Veda in 22nd of these in around 17 places that will
Word used in reference to deities such as Ushas, ​​Agni, Soma etc, and
means gloss, features or color. His deities used in context
with, it would be unsafe to use Varna to determine the meaning of that
Word had in Rigveda when applied to human beings. There are four and
at most five places in the Rig-Veda where use the word d in relation to
Afterwards, the word deals extensively and intensively in the rig-
Veda Dr.Ambedkar traces of the word in Indo-Iranian literature. He
says the word Varana or Varena used in Zend Avesta as meaning
of belief, religious doctrine, choice or religion or
Worldview. "

This evidence from Zend Avesta, Dr Ambedkar Varna means regarding the
Meaning of the word leaves no doubt that it was originally a
Class adhered to a certain belief and it had nothing to do with complexion
Color or. Then Dr Ambedkar sums up his findings with the words,
that the Vedas do not know such races as the Aryan race
adds that there is no evidence in the Vedas of an invasion of India
through the Aryan race and its with India and conquered the Dasas
Dasyus is said to be the native. There is no evidence to support the
Difference between Aryans, Dasas show, and Dasyus became one
racial distinction. The Vedas do not support the thesis that
the Aryans in different colors from which Dasas and Dasyus became.

It would have to be a lengthy argument to say that all human beings are one, and one
all humans have a common gene called sangene in them. We have
to quote extensively from the book Journey of Man by Spencer Wells too
prove that first humans originated in Africa and they are black.
Instead, we will quote a report in The Hindu, daily from Jan.
December Saturday 2002. "It's bad news for those who
Concepts of race or of intellectual superiority. New
Genetic evidence gathered from around the globe shatters the myths and
adds a passage pending proof of the hypothesis that all human beings are descended,
by a single man in Africa who lived about 60,000 years ago.Tune in
National Geographic Channel on TV on Sunday at 9 PM and from
Face to face to Spenser evidence including geneticists Wells and her co-workers
RMPitchaiappan from Madurai Kamaraj University gathered face.

Man's fascinating journey from Africa to Central Asia, and on
to Asia, in addition to separate moves west to Europe and Australia
in addition, all special documented in a two-hour. genetics has
some kind of mapping biological reality and as Dr. Wells scientist and
her colleagues examined places in Aboriginal as diverse as Artic to the
Australian, they found impressive evidence untangled by genetic
Marker. Some of the home evidence is found here on how brief the program is
Piramalai Kallars, the Tamilnadu, make up the majority of the population in
were near Usilampatti and Thirumangalam in Madurai, studied
health reasons from Professor Pitchaiappan initially but the
Genetic evidence leads to other conclusions that are exciting
Piramalai Kallars had the same unique genetic marker as this one
found in African and Australian studies and markers found in
Central Asian people.
Professor Pitchaiappan's findings, which are also based on similar findings
significant levels of the same gene marker in Yadavas Saurashtra and
Communities have been secured. To postulate a Cape Comerin route of the
Migration of people from Africa to Australia lead. Some evidence points
also on brands from the peoples of the Middle East. The study by Piramalai
Kallar and other communities described by geneticists as sub-
Pools divided gene that indicates migratory evidence of genetic markers
such as M130 [50,000 years old] and M20, the latter being an estimated 35,000
Years old and come from the former. The ancestors of the Kallars Middle
East could have expanded off, postulates Professor Pitchaiappan, who
Immunology head of the department. But like the other markers M172 [Baluchis
found and also in Yadhavas] and M17 [found in Central and also Asians
in Saurastrians] fuel the excitement that people essentially do
moves over thousands of years from one part of the world to another where
they settled down. Features got differentiated because they were isolated from the population
and climatic factors. Man's journey unites the world, and let
Genetics speak for themselves, wrote The Hindu Reporter G. Ananthakrishnan.

The spread of humanity out of Africa is best depicted in the web
Pages where they show the diagram with the
Spread timeframe. The fact to take into account is that despite the
Prejudices intended as universal reason, the scientific
Progress and the information age illuminating our minds are disappearing; it
On the contrary, it seems that in Indian society there is still some prejudice
Become a caste.

Our society failed to eradicate prejudice. Immanuel Kant

described enlightenment of man from himself immaturity. We live
still accepting Aryan under such spiritual tutelage
Superiority and our inferiority status in caste hierarchy. It is here
the argument of Ambedkar takes on great importance. If the Aryan
Race Theory Theory Dravidian Bury is his theory to go the bar
had to. It would be appropriate to mention here that first non-Brahmin
Movement emerged. Then took the name of the self-respect movement,
before opting for the word Dravidian movement. Dravidian movement is a
Revolt against the oppressors and their theory of supremacy on earth
by birth with religious sanction. Therefore Dravidian movement could be the
History of man to be placed among the human
Emancipation movements mainly through the.

The word India, Hindu and Indus came from the Indus Valley civilization that doubted
about an iota is Dravidian civilization. Hence usage by Hindu and
Hinduvta from the Aryan camp aims to mislead the indigenous continent
Population of this subgroup will bring everything under the Aryan umbrella, so will
there be constant attacks on the weaknesses or loopholes in the Hindu
History as proving the Brahmin religion religion, not allowed to
worship the other elements like Naga worship or Murugan too
create, but they were woven differently in mythologies to crea te a facade
from a religion. When Dr Subramanian Swamy 18-2003 wrote an article in
The Frontline from July to Movement blast the Dravidian, just two executives
from Dravidian Movement wrote a reply, one of them then
Secretary General of Dravida Kazhagam Veeramani K. and I. I will quote some
Sections from what I wrote

"All people are one and scientific studies have shown that it is
a common gene in all people and the common gene is called
sang. The mapping of human genes had thrown out for 50 years
Shed light on the unity of humanity, such as theories of continental drift, above all
the card fit theory, moreover, had an iota of doubt that all
Continents were held together once and drifted proven. So do everyone
Brains free from superiority and accept that humanity belongs and
the world counts, science had to uncover mysteries.The common ones
Gen in every person have also proven that the theories of race, culture
are oriented. During both races, Aryan and Dravidian theories are refuted
will have to die. Perhaps the Aryan Dr Swamy wants to die, and term
If this was the case, you can have some degree of wishful thinking
welcome. The Second World War led by Hitler propagated the
Superiority of the Aryan race, which he dealt with killing millions of Jews
showed, reminds us today that whoever claims superiority
towards fellow men in the name of his tribe of birth
due lesson to be taught by man. "

Dr.Ambedkar says that the theory of the Aryan race is only a guess and
is nothing more. It is based on the thesis philological, which is further from