Why did Blockbuster go out of business?

The last blockbuster video store becomes Airbnb accommodation

The town of Bend in Oregon is actually known for its pristine forests and impressive mountains - and recently a rather quirky Airbnb accommodation was added. The fresh and often rainy weather in the Northwest of the USA is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa and enjoying a good movie.

Where better to do that than in the last blockbuster video store in the world? Once there were more than 9,000 blockbuster video stores, today there is only one. Sandi Harding, who has been running the business for almost twelve years, is not thinking of giving up - she always comes up with something new, writes the Daily Mail.

Because of the great competition from streaming services, Sandi Harding has not had it easy in recent years, but her regular customers in the area have remained loyal to her. Now the manager wants to give them something back and rents the video library to overnight guests.

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Blockbuster video library as Airbnb accommodation: Start mid-August 2020

From August 17th, residents of Bends will only be able to book Airbnb accommodation. If the first nights go well, visitors from all over the world should also be able to book the accommodation. For the equivalent of seven euros per person, four guests (from the same household) can book part of the store that has been converted into a living room with a large TV and sofa bed, reports the Washington Post.

The shelves are full of classic films and snacks, the best prerequisites for an unforgettable film marathon. And no matter whether you want to cry or laugh - everything is included, from the love story to the scary horror flick to comedy for the whole family.

Watch classic films from the 90s in the unusual Airbnb accommodation

Sandi is already looking forward to her guests. Their Airbnb description says, “We've created the perfect space with a pull-out couch, bean bags and pillows so you can really enjoy the classics from the 90s. Open up a two-liter Pepsi before testing the video games or watching one movie at a time. But be careful: if you shout 'Bloody Mary' in the bathroom, you could conjure up a ghost. "

The description on Airbnb says: "As the last blockbuster branch, our store is an ode to film magic, to simpler times and to being together."