What are some juicy motivational speeches

Self-motivation in the home office

Working from home is a blessing for some, and torture for others.

This is largely due to our personal CPO. Our «Chief Procrastination Officer». This acts from his office in our think box and is directly responsible for our inner motivation level. If this is in the red, he is satisfied. We all know the consequences on a larger and smaller scale: The unanswered mails pile up in the inbox. The PowerPoint presentation, which is supposed to be given in five days, is no more, rather less ready. The dishwasher hardly closes, but the empty pizza boxes are stacked on the living room table.

In this blog post you can find out how to put your CPO in its place and raise your level of motivation.

When it comes to doing something, it takes motivation. It starts with the smallest, everyday things and ends with lofty goals such as the first ascent of Mount Everest, the moon landing or the long-awaited visit to the in-laws. The motivation to do something can come from two directions: from yourself or from outside influences. In both cases one can generally speak of two main motivators: punishment and reward.

The external motivation

If your boss holds you a hefty bonus payment in front of your nose when you achieve a certain goal, then that is a strong, external source of motivation. Much more demoralizing but no less effective is the threat of losing your job if you don't achieve your goal.

The inner motivation

Satisfaction is a rewarding feeling. The bad conscience, however, hardly. Would you like an example? You make yourself comfortable on the sofa after you have achieved a goal, which feels wonderful. On the other hand, if you've been hanging around lazily for two days, even though the work is piling up around you, then being a couch potato is probably only half as fun.

Your CPO is an ardent admirer of comfort zones and routines. This refers to the areas and activities in which you feel comfortable, know your way around and also like to let the five go. By and large, that's completely OK. But the longer you crawl into your comfort zone, the harder it will be to get out of there. In other words: the more self-motivation you have to muster.

Tip # 1: break with routines

Activities that you can do while you sleep with one hand tied behind your back are certainly comfortable. However, these also keep you from discovering new things, learning new things and experiencing joy. Ergo: question your routines. Is every rehearsed process efficient? Can something be achieved in another way? Questioning things and processes arouses curiosity, which in turn is an incredibly powerful motivator.

Tip # 2: go step by step

When your to-do list reaches the length of an untouched toilet roll, your CPO will pop the corks. Having such an overwhelming workload in front of your nose stifles any motivation right from the start. Here, goal setting is the key to success. So instead of looking at the entire mountain of tasks as a whole, tackle the challenge in small steps.

Tip # 3: The question of what makes sense

According to the weather forecast, it should rain all week - and you clean the windows. It is very clear that it is almost impossible to motivate yourself for this task. Because it is pointless. After the rain, however, the spring window cleaning makes sense again, which has a positive effect on your level of motivation. Motivation grows with the meaningfulness of an activity. Take advantage of this knowledge and, if possible, align your tasks in such a way that they are as meaningful as possible.

Tip # 4: just do it!

Every journey begins with a step. Even if you don't feel like it, just start. Think of the great feeling that comes with doing a job. Put your CPO on compulsory leave and tackle a project. That can also be a very small one. The main thing is that you get moving. Then use the momentum to tackle the next task. Reward yourself every now and then with small breaks.


How do you put your CPO in their place? Do you have a few tips on how to motivate yourself in the home office? I'm looking forward to your input on the topic.