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Vote: Who were the best drivers in Barcelona?

( - It's one thing who won the Spanish Grand Prix. But possibly a different one, which drivers have given the best performance. Because in Formula 1, it's not just the driver's performance that counts. But the decisive factor is that of the car that is available to him and, of course, that of the team.

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Looking at the driver's performance in isolation from the other factors is extremely difficult. Nonetheless, we dare to try. Our grading system consists of three pillars. First: the fans. Our users now have the opportunity to rate the performance of all 20 drivers. Analogous to the school grading system from 1 (very good) to 6 (not enough).

Second: the expert. As in the previous year, Marc Surer grades the achievements of Sebastian Vettel & Co. And third: the editorial team. We carry out our own small voting in our Formula 1 core team.

A third of the three pillars are then included in the overall grade for the weekend. In the end, the ultimate ranking comes out - which is wonderful to discuss!

Our format is inspired by the marks that football magazines, for example, award after each match. But to only grade as an editor was too subjective for us. In order to come to a balanced judgment as possible, we ask our experts and our users for help.

Guide: How should I assign my grades?

Try to evaluate objectively! Of course it's not always easy. But whether you are a fan of Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton shouldn't matter when awarding the grade. Nobody will ever be able to completely break away from personal preferences and prejudices. But trying to at least contribute to a fairer grading system.

Do not be blinded by external influences! Only what the driver himself had in his hands should flow into the note. An example: are degrading tires a driver or an external factor? If the tires degrade because the driver braked shortly before, this should have a negative effect on the grade. If the tires degrade because of a material defect, there should be no deductions.

Weight the race the most! Only there are points. The performance on Sunday should make up about 70 percent of the grade. Qualifying on Saturday 25. And the free practice sessions only five. A ride on Friday with a front wing flying off may take a few minutes of training time. One on Sunday might win.

Remember who is in which car! It's easier to drive flawlessly with a Red Bull than with a Williams. This is partly put into perspective when Max Verstappen drives with an outstanding lead on pole and Nicholas Latifi turns. That might not have happened to him at Red Bull. But ...

... always ask yourself: If two drivers were in the same car, who would perform better? So one of the less talented drivers can possibly get a maximum of a 3 or 4 even with a strong performance. Because in the same car, even on a good weekend, he would still do worse than a Lewis Hamilton on a bad one.

And now: Have fun assigning grades! You can vote here!