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nine and a half extra - life with the coronavirus

One tiny virus has been messing up our lives for months now - and it probably will for a long time to come. Until recently, it was inconceivable to enter shops wearing only mouth and nose protection or to be unable to see your friends or only from a distance.

While scientists are finding out more and more about the virus, the rules that apply when dealing with Corona are constantly being adapted. It's not that easy to keep track of things.

We would therefore like to provide you with information on our special page on the coronavirus. You can watch programs on the topic and find out how everyday corona feels for others, find out in the lexicon what the coronavirus actually is and take a look at our tips on how you can protect yourself and others from the virus.

Corona has thrown a lot of vacation plans - including those of our reporters

Jana: For me it means this year: take a vacation at home. To be honest, I think that's really nice. When do you have time to spend some free time in your own city? You always try to go to other regions and forget that you actually live in a city that has a lot to offer and that you actually live in because you like it so much. So I'll do Cologne unsafe and enjoy spending time with my friends or in nature. To go hiking, jogging, lying lazily in the park and devouring lots of books. I'm really looking forward to it!

Robert: I usually make a long trip every summer, but I save money over the year because it is very important to me to dive into a completely different world every now and then. The last few years I've been to Africa, South America and Asia. This year everything is different, long-distance travel is very difficult, and there are warnings about it. That's why I'm going to Italy by the sea for two weeks this summer. Here I drive around, look at small villages and sit by the sea with a drink and a book. How you can recognize the Corona time the most: On the beaches, wooden stakes have been stuck into the sand about three meters apart. You can only sit close to a wooden post with your group or companion, not in between. So the beach is quickly full and you don't always get a place, but there are important distances between people. So you have to be flexible and you can't always do what you want, like on vacation. But that applies to everyone and so it's totally okay and you have a good time with Corona rules, often with a mask.

Mona:2020 should have been a very, very exciting vacation year for me. I had big plans and was incredibly disappointed when it became clear that Corona was about to overturn them all. In the end I was in Switzerland on a lonely mountain hut and in Italy on a small organic farm. Both goals for which I didn't have to get on a plane and which are far away from large crowds. This change was easily bearable and overall a more than grandiose alternative. However, I am still concerned about the situation in relation to my second home country, Morocco. I haven't seen my family there for over a year and currently it doesn't look like a trip to Morocco will still be possible this year. The sad thing is: unfortunately I have no alternative for that.

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